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As Seen On TV :: Saturday, September 6, 2014

In this installment of “As Seen On TV” I will give a three-sentence review of the third episode of the new season of Doctor Who, in which the Doctor gives Clara the choice of their next destination, and she chooses to visit the character of her favorite childhood story, Robin Hood.

This feature will include SPOILERS, so read at your own risk and consider yourself warned.

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Robin Hood versus the Sheriff and his dreaded robots, and a Doctor who does not want to believe on episode three of this season’s Doctor Who – “Robot Hood”

I find it rather irritating that as we near the end of Clara’s companionship the writers seem to finally sort out how to write her, and I find myself really liking her. Of course, it didn’t hurt that she picked one of my all-time favorite childhood story characters, too; I have always loved the Robin Hood story, and this one did not disappoint, he was swashbuckling, handsome, cocky, full of heart and life and love, and yes, sadness, too, as any great hero is (and yes, I believe he was real, I think the Doctor did, too). I like the rough edges of this version of the Doctor, the ego and the doubts, the struggle to have them so present together, and I also am cheering that there seems to be a new over-arching element, The Promised Land, this Doctor’s Bad Wolf, or crack in the wall.


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