Can’t escape from the things that line our way :: VOTD

All I Want :: Susanna Hoffs
from the album, Susanna Hoffs

All I Want is a cover of the Lightning Seeds song which appears on Susanna Hoffs second released solo album (third recorded, she had an unreleased album that was recorded in 1993 in-between), entitled Susanna Hoffs. The album was released In 1996. Although it received much praise in the media and yielded a minor US hit and a UK hit at # 33 for 2-weeks with All I Want, it still was not a big commercial success.

The style of the album was more folk-oriented than her earlier work, a change in style that Columbia Records both disagreed with and hated, a disagreement that led to them to drop Susanna from their list of artists. She was later signed to London Records. The album overall was much more personal and deals with issues like abusive relationships and insecurities


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