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So many faces to put on every morning, so many girls to be each day, a new mask replaces an old one, as the hairs grey, as the skin crinkles, as the eyes darken from all she can’t yet un-see. Every lover takes a different view, a perspective crooked off to the side, like a raised eyebrow, or a case of vertigo. Some deem the girl an angel, the other a harbringer of a great evil, yet none of them leave ever knowing her at all. It isn’t mystery, it’s a type of surgery to stitch together wounded pride with all that abandonment, a trick no doctor plastic can pretend to understand. She’s a chameleon, a recluse, a rebel with a torn dress, a witch. She’ll go down like a charm, but leave you on the sidewalk with nothing but car exhaust as her death rattle.

But, c’mon, you knew she was the wrong one all along.

Season of the Witch :: Donovan

tumblr_myzxr5wLED1t1p9jzo1_500One time she’s the muse you can’t stop writing about, the next she is the pictures you tear up and throw into the back alley bins. She’s the one you still long for in the sticky Summer nights, hand clasped tightly around yourself, whispering her name to the muted television. But, isn’t she also the one you say was your worst mistake, your cautionary tale, the one who made you choose a mundane life as someone’s mister? She would have been brilliant in the French Quarter, naked and dancing in the pale moonlight. She would have been brilliant lying naked in your bed for one more night. 

But she has to keep moving, changing masks and skirt lengths and spells, or her magic will go away for good.

9 thoughts on “So many different people to be :: Under the Covers

      1. Witchy songs are the best songs, I can’t put my finger on what it is I like so much about witch art, folklore, songs, all the famous images, just eat it up like Halloween candy!<3 I suspect you'll have more spooky coming to your blog as All Hallow's Eve nears.

      2. I’m sure I’ll brew up a little something! Y’know when I first started this blog I used the “Monster” theme design, I was sure I’d write about ghost stories & horror movies all the time, obviously that didn’t happen, but I do love it so.

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