As Seen on TV :: Saturday’s Cure for a Dalek soul and 9’o Clock at the Train Station


As Seen On TV :: Saturday, August 30, 2014

In this installment of “As Seen On TV” I will give a three-sentence review of the second episode of the new season of Doctor Who, where Capaldi has his first meet-up with the Daleks (at least his first with this face), and episode two of Intruders, where we remain confused, and feel distrustful of the “FBI”, the number 9 and lawyers (well that last one may be an always).

This feature will include SPOILERS, so read at your own risk and consider yourself warned.

Please share your thoughts in the comments to the shows I mini-review – I welcome all reactions, debate and discussions. Oh, and bring on the TV show recommendations, old and new.


A Doctor, a companion and a couple of soldiers go inside a Dalek (yes, inside) in Season 8 Episode 2 of Doctor Who – “Into the Dalek

If we had originally met Clara in her school environment and gotten to know her civilian life, understanding that she was not sitting around waiting for the Doctor’s return, but saw the TARDIS adventures as “one of her hobbies”, and not force fed a romance without chemistry between her and Matt Smith’s Doctor, I may have liked her more, but now it feels a little too late. I would have actually LOVED if the Doctor had allowed Journey Blue (played by Zawe Ashton), or even if Clara had brought along Danny Pink (Clara’s teacher/prospective date played by Samuel Anderson). The interaction between Rusty and the Doctor, when Rusty finds so much hatred in the Doctor was a key moment to the core of this Doctor, the one who seems unfettered by humanity, but also worried if he is a good man – quite a conundrum.



Number 9, Russian sleep-talking, douche bag train security, and we are still confused about episode 2 of Intruders, “And Here…You Must Listen

Though I enjoyed this episode more than the pilot, I am still confused and unsure if this is as good as I thought, and hoped, it would be. We were gifted many questions and no real answers, and the body count continues to rise. I’d like to see more than just young Madison who has more than one person in them, and for there to be a visual or audible queue when one or the other are “driving”, as it seems that Marcus is more in charge than Madison, except for when the clock at the train station turned 9 and she looked as confused as I feel – just a little more answers, please (like what is that key for?).e867df29aa604f37cf8bd6420c694ee5

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