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Keep Art Alive :: “Unstable Ground” :: Art by Jane Radstrom

But I let the dream go,
and the promises broke,
and the make-believe ran out.”

But I let the dream go
by me

The images they blur
into a billow of an almost ring of smoke
like the almost rings we wore
almost real
almost forever
almost I do

In memory I turn away
or flick a green lighter
sitting there transfixed by the fogged up window
or am I still lying back
legs spread
screaming your name
while you say something filthy

All hand rolls and eye rolls
voices shaking the walls
all that garter belt seduction
poetry and oh poor me
and you
and you
and me

Remember the day that man stopped us in the street
swearing we were some meaning of love
that we were all that stuff of make-believe
wrapped up in Penny Lane coats
and forgotten gloves
kissing in the snow

We were right as rain
and cool as cats
but you hated cats then
and I don’t even smoke anymore
except in some long-lost photo booth memory

and you
well you are so much better without me

A Letter to Elise

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