Not Fade Away :: Lunch and a Movie

Lunch & a Movie Series :: Not Fade Away A new weekly feature to be added to lyriquediscorde is a movie series that will chronicle a weekly movie choice watched during my lunch hour at work, over two days, usually via Netflix. These are movies that are both new to me and selected by browsing the cover art and brief synopsis, the way I once picked out a movie to watch at the now extinct video rental store. I’ve been watching movies on Monday and Tuesday at lunch for awhile now and realized that a good portion of the movies are … Continue reading Not Fade Away :: Lunch and a Movie

Quintessential Albums :: Azure Ray :: Self-Titled

Quintessential Album Series :: Self-Titled :: Azure Ray A Little History: Azure Ray is Azure Ray’s self-titled debut. It was released January 16, 2001 on WARM. The album features songs that were used on various television shows/episodes and films, including Sleep, used in a season 1 Cold Case episode and in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, Displaced which was featured in a season 6 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the song Rise which was featured in the film Winter Passing. Azure Ray consisted of musicians Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink. The pair met at the age of 15 at the Alabama … Continue reading Quintessential Albums :: Azure Ray :: Self-Titled

I know all this and more :: VOTD

Feed the Tree :: Bellyfrom the album, Star Feed the Tree is a song by Belly, released as the band’s first single from their debut album, Star, in 1993. . Feed the Tree became a surprise pop hit peaking at # 95 on the U.S Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the late spring of 1993. Before breaking into the Hot 100 it was a chart topper on the Billboard Bubbling Under The Hot 100 singles for 6 weeks.  Band leader Tanya Donelly, who had played with her stepsister Kristin Hersh in Throwing Muses, and in The Breeders, was quoted in The … Continue reading I know all this and more :: VOTD

So show me where you fit :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Ahren Hertel “You’re on your own in a world you’ve grown, few more years to go, don’t let the hurdle fall. So, be the girl you loved, be the girl you loved.“ August by me The room was cold, sterile, anonymous. Maybe they make it that way to keep your mind from creating a memory, no landmarks, no palate of colors, no warmth. But I remember all the plain white walls, the crinkle of the paper gown, the freeze of metal on pale, bare skin. The night before had been spent spinning, circles and circles, … Continue reading So show me where you fit :: SOTD