Keep Art Alive :: Art by Serge Birault

“I never meant to be the needle that broke your back.
You were here,
you were here,
and you were here;
don’t look back.”

We She He (forget)
by me

If memory serves me
please stir up the poison within
until it swirls and hides
sweetened by the denial of liquid poetry

We lie to live
lie to love again
I never meant to lie to me
to you

If history repeats
please grab my hair hard in your hands
until I scream your name
swollen lip confessions screaming hey mercy

We fuck to forget
fuck to feel something
I never meant to forget my skin
your skin

If our worlds collide
please wait for me in the street light shadow
until the middle of the night comes
and you whisper the words I miss the most

We write to release
write to chase the ghosts away
I never meant to take my words
your words

We lie
We fuck
We write
We She We

He War :: Cat Power

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