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Imagine what my body would sound like slamming against those rocks,
and when it lands
will my eyes be closed,
or open?”

Wide Awake in Fever’s Dream
by me

I see you in a crowd
airport chaos echoing all around my eyes
I blink
confusion setting like the spidery crack in the glass
if I linger here it will all turn to shatter and shards

When my eyes closed
the swirling gasps and rattles of nearly asleep took me in
the last image still flickering
the flames
it was as if you were in there still burning up
and me there watching all but your lips turn to ash

But here in this airport lounge
mispronounced names loud through the intercom
I see you
how are you still here waiting in this post-coital turnstile
my laughter still crinkling at the corner of each eye

I’m sorry I left you to burn
that I didn’t wake up
that I went through all of this
without you

Hyperballad :: Bjork

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