I just can’t believe its true :: Under the Covers


Sugar Sugar :: Mary Lou Lord, with Semisonic


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Aunia Kahn

I can still taste you on my tongue, sticky sweet like love, or sickness. They say the strongest of poisons taste of candy. Two raps on my door before I let you in, and a crooked smile. I could never resist your smile. Your skeletol features, sharp angular edges, you left marks on my softness every time we collided. I didn’t mind though, each blue and black remnant a tattoo on my pale skin, like a memory, like a regret. You like to picture yourself my sweetest regret, don’t you? Every line you pen a sugar spun web of who you think I might of been, the image fogged up by hand-rolled smokes and ice cold platform breaths. You wanted a heroine from a classic film, a femme fatale, a muse to scream your name as you made her come in the hours between morning and never.

You needed your flavor to be better than his.

Sugar Sugar :: The Archies

But what was she, what was me? The painted on trappings of death, of desolation, of sidewalk abandonment? My desolation makes for good copy though, enough to fill composition books and dissertations. You pull out the guitar I rescued for you, the one with painted on blackbird wings, and you sing songs of candy floss and the decay of all my truths. All sweet things rot, all expectations turn to aching dedications, and all damsels in distress go back to their day jobs.

We all crack and fade into nicotine memories.



Keep Art Alive :: Art by Aunia Kahn

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