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As Seen On TV :: Saturday, August 23, 2014

A new feature of lyriquediscorde, “As Seen On TV” will give a three-sentence summary of the previous night’s shows, or my current watch/re-watch of older shows. This feature will include SPOILERS of both new and old series’, so read at your own risk. Also, please share your thoughts in the comments to the shows I mini-review – I welcome all reactions, debate and discussions. I also welcome show recommendations.


An older new Doctor regenerates in Season 8 Episode 1 of Doctor Who – “Deep Breath

Peter Capaldi’s works for me, as does the welcome return of The Paternoster Gang, recent favorites of mine (I would so watch a spin-off with Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax). though I still have issues with Clara, and the forced affection and familiarity we are supposed to accept by us as viewers, and between “the impossible girl” and the Doctor. Capaldi worked more for me in scenes apart from Clara (especially the scene with the homeless man, which was the essential post-regeneration confusion that every doctor goes through, usually with the current companion), and Clara worked for me more when she was also in separate scenes (I think I would have enjoyed if she’d stayed behind and joined The Paternoster Gang). My favorite moments about the episode was the humor, the nods to canon (mention of Amy Pond and long scarves), the fact that this Doctor seems unimpressed with humans (he seemed to prefer flirting with the dinosaur than with Clara), and the underlying sadness brought on by the Doctor allowing himself to age (I teared up when he watched Clara on the phone with Smith’s Doctor, that look at glimpsing a younger self knowing that he is far from it – that hit me).


The Paternoster Gang


Intruders pilot “Time Has Come Today” confuses more than inspires an “I Want to Believe” interest (but is it too soon to tell?)

I am a fan of the supernatural genre, and came to this show wanting to believe in the storytelling chops of the BBC, the X-Files background (Glen Morgan, writer from early X-Files, adaptation of the novel of the same name, Intruders by Michael Marshall Smith), and some of the cast – especially James Frain (supernatural villain in pretty much everything lately – but most remembered to me as cell phone mastering, Tara kidnapping Franklin from True Blood), Mira Sorvino (I’ve missed you – where have you been?) and John Simm (memorable “Master” from 2007 era Doctor Who) – truth is, I was left feeling impressed by the acting (especially by relative newcomer Millie Bobby Brown), but underwhelmed by the plot. Though it wasn’t as “WTF” as HBO’s The Leftovers, I was still left confused and disengaged by the end of the episode. I think a less is more approach would have a better pilot plotting technique than the flush of characters and constant location shifting, perhaps just introducing Frain’s Richard Shepherd, Simm’s and Sorvino’s married couple, and the young Madison/Marcus, giving us a closer look into their burgeoning stories, and leaving us wondering and wanting more instead of feeling dizzy and confused by all the overload – I’m patient, but I still want a pilot to grab hold by the end.


Nice to see you, John Simm and Mira Sorvino


Claire heals, saves and gets jealous while Jamie gets more interested in episode three of Outlander, “No Way Out

Scotland is definitely a character in this series, as breathtakingly beautiful as both Caitriona Balfe’s Claire and Sam Heughan’s Jamie are, and as irresistible (what do I want more – to visit the Highlands, or see Claire and Jamie finally get together?). Claire struggles with not intruding on the time she is in and the relentless wanting to help and save the clan from their own limitations and superstitions, usually choosing to throw caution to the wind and butting in – which of course makes me constantly wonder how is she not completely changing history by her actions. As Claire reluctantly settles in (and locks herself in by saving the day so much), her associations seem loaded with consequence and questions of who (besides Jamie, of course) she can actually trust – I really am not sure my initial liking of Geillis Duncan was founded, or wise (she know seems too quick to be besties with Claire to me), though I did enjoy watching Claire get jealous of Jamie’s dalliances with “he’s just not that in to her” Laoghaire.

Outlander 2014

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