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As an obsessive music and movie fan, a good song placement in the cinematic universe can make all the difference, and an awesome soundtrack can keep the experience of the movie going on long after the credits roll. Another thing can happen, too, of course – a good soundtrack can transcend a mediocre movie, taking on a musical life of its own. Both Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando have had music in both scenarios, so for this month’s Evan and Juliana Day I thought I’d dig in to some of their on-screen musical moments.

Please note, I will be concentrating on music in movies this month. Stay tuned for a music on the small-screen for Evan and Juliana day in a future 14th of the month posting.

As always, mosey on over to Susan’s fantastic At the Library blog and see what my cohort and partner in Evan and Juliana crime posted today (here’s a hint, its pretty fantastic – I read it already and I think its her best yet). Click here to read about “Songs that go “Whooaaa!” a’la Evan and Juliana style.


Let’s start with one from Juliana first. The title to this month’s E&J post is from this song which she recorded under The Juliana Three moniker, on the 1993 album Become What You Are. It was also featured in the movie, Reality Bites (one of my all-time favorite films). The music video featuring one of the main leads in the movie, Ethan Hawke. The video was also directed by the director of said movie, Reality Bites, Ben Stiller.


You can also spot Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall) and Tanya Donelly (Belly, Throwing Muses, and solo work).

Spin the Bottle


Next comes one from Evan Dando. The song The Outdoor Type was featured prominently in the film The Tao of Steve, not only adding musical accompaniment to the story, but adding to the characterization of the movies lead, Steve, played by Donal Logue. The song, The Outdoor Type, was released on the Lemonheads 1996 album, Car Button Cloth.

The Outdoor Type (live)


Back to Juliana, we have a song from another favorite 90’s film of mine – The Craft.  Juliana recorded Witches’ Song for the movie’s soundtrack. It is a cover of a Marianne Faithfull song from her Broken English album. The Craft soundtrack is on my list of all-time favorite soundtracks – filled with 90’s artists I love such as Juliana, Matthew Sweet, Letters to Cleo, Sponge, Elastica, and more.


Witches’ Song


My Drug Buddy

Swinging back to Evan we have My Drug Buddy, which shows up in the movie Catch and Release. The movie is about a woman who after the death of her fiance is met with some uncovered truths and lies she did not know before, a group of three best friends of her late fiance, and a reality filled with decisions on where she should go now, and who she should trust her heart with.


The soundtrack features a lot of great indie artists, like The Lemonheads, Paul Westerberg, Gary Jules, The Magic Numbers, among others. The Lemonheads released My Drug Buddy originally on the album It’s a Shame About Ray, in 1992. Juliana is featured on bass guitar and backup vocals on the album, and this song.

The song has always been a favorite of mine.



Do you have any favorite Evan or Juliana songs from movie soundtracks?

3 thoughts on “He’s in a bunch of movies :: Evan & Juliana Day

  1. I could eat this post with a spoon. All perfect music especially Juliana on The Craft soundtrack, so good! I LOVE “Trying Not To Think About It” and associate it with Urban Legend even though it was released before that soundtrack.
    Catch and Release though!<3. My favorite Dando stuff is the Heavy soundtrack.
    "Ballad of El Goodo" from Empire Records, I like "Baby You're a Drag" but rarely listen to it, have to be in a mood & never saw the movie it was in and probably wouldn't have ever heard it if wasn't Dando related, I should track it down, have you seen Burnzy's Last Call? Somehow I think you might've. You've got me thinking about this-great post. You may be inspiring a new mix CD.

    and thanks for saying such sweet things about my weird outpouring of love for "The Great Big No". <3

    1. I actually had written down Trying Not To Think About It/Urban Legend but could not find a video of the song except for 1 live one that had more than 1 song on it, so I decided to stop…I also had Young Adult, Empire Records, Heavy and The Other Sister down for Evan, but decided to stop 🙂

      I’ve never heard of Burnzy’s Last Call…hmmm….gonna have to check that out/look for it.

      I LOVED your outpouring of LOVE for The Great Big No SO MUCH!!!!

      1. You could definitely do a part II for E & J movie soundtracks & can’t wait for your small screen version. Hearing them both a couple times on MSCL is one of my favorite little things about watching that one, I hope you feature it!

        Off to make my mix inspired by this fantasticalness.

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