My Top 300 Movies :: 216-220



216. Blue Valentine

My heart broke watching the story of Cindy and Dean unfold and fall apart, and it left an ache in me that I can still feel as I recall the story. There are scenes in this movie that feel ripped from my life, which I know is part of the collective conscious of what its like to fall in love, to deal with the unexpected, and to have love fall apart. I wanted a different ending, at times I was holding my breath for a different ending, but the ending is part of what makes this movie so stunning, because it does not shy away from reality (though I have had disagreements with people who think there was a happy ending in unseen scenes of the story, I’m not sure I can agree – even if I want to).

You always hurt the one you love


You & Me :: Penny & The Quarters




217. August Rush

A movie about movie connecting people and ultimately, magically, bringing love and connection and family together is pretty much a “gimme” for me to love. The music in this movie, the emotional core, the allusions to Oliver Twist/Dickens, the performances, the writing, the way everything looks and feels – I love all of it. It is one of those movies that makes me believe, even more than I already do, in the magic that is music.

This Time :: Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Final scene/reunited




218. Beetlejuice

I vividly remember seeing this movie at a theater by the beach late in the afternoon with friends, and then later that night seeing it again with my boyfriend at the time. He called me Lydia for months after, somewhat due to my dyed blue/black hair and goth sensibilities (I didn’t mind as I love Winona – one of my all-time favorites). This is a fun ghost story/campy horror/comedy about an unconventional family.

“You guys really are dead!”


“We’re simpatico!”




219. Warm Bodies

One thing I love about the zombie genre of storytelling is how much these stories say about society and humankind. In Warm Bodies, we are asked the question, in albeit an often humorous, and “romantic comedy” kind of way, what makes someone human? I love how music plays such an important part in the humanization of R, and how much love and acceptance does – and how much this movie (please forgive the pun) warms me.

“What are you?”


“Be dead.”




220. 13 Going On 30

After I finish this list of 300 favorite movies I may compile a list of romantic films I love (romantic comedies, dramas, period pieces, romantic tragedy, etc.). This one will definitely be on the list as it is one of my favorites that fits into the romance category, as well as another favorite genre of mine – alternative reality/body switching. Also, I adore Mark Ruffalo – SO MUCH, and Jennifer Garner is perfect in this role.



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