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1 Songs about August


I just read something about August that said it is Summer’s Sunday, which made me smile. Though I do not feel the bliss and ease of Summer vacation any longer, there is something about August that I have always loved. Maybe it is the close proximity of Autumn coming around the bend (Autumn is my favorite season), or perhaps it is the back-to-school energy that swirls around (I may not currently be a student, but there is something about all that back-to-school stuff that makes me smile — new notebooks, lunchboxes, brightly colored pens).


Whatever it is, when August comes around I feel a shift in my mood. I tend to start projects, read more, see more music, travel. I honestly don’t know what it is, but it does give me the same kind of bliss kick that Sundays do, so maybe they are the Sundays of Summer after all.


Following are my Top 5 songs about the August. Do you have any? How does August make you feel?

1. August & Everything After :: Counting Crows

The next day you’re everything he wanted you to be,
they dress you up in white satin,
and they give you your very own pair of wings.
In August and Everything After,
I’m after everything.”

2. August :: Rilo Kiley

Someday we’ll meet beyond the stars,
and it’ll be away from here.
Someday we’ll meet beyond the land that you call miles away,
away from here.”

3. Time For August :: Julie London

But now that it’s time for August,
I’ve got thirty-one days to glow.”

4. August :: Love

I said August is all that I know.”

5. August March :: Grizzly Bear

Wash the taste of me right out your mouth.

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