Make you come home early :: SOTD


“Love and happiness…
Something that can make you do wrong, make you do right…

One of the sexiest, most sensual songs ever.

It reminds me of humid bedrooms with the curtains closed and the doors locked, combined body heat permeating the windows and walls. The touch of skin, sugar-sweat-sweet, blending in to that space of not knowing which is yours, and which is mine, which is you, and which is me. Words whispered, or not said at all, just sound, vibration, the rattle and hum of pleasure.

The room is unfamiliar, uniform in that every hotel looks the same, but unique and changed by our presence. We could be anywhere, though, in any city, and here together it matters not. Times like these one could care less about what is going on in the world. Caution is thrown, clothes are unnecessary, every inch of every part of each other is the news of the day.

Close my eyes and listen, recalling moments of passion that will never be forgotten, feel the momentary shudder course through me, just underneath my skin.

Music is a wonder, the way it awakens memories, isn’t it remarkable?

Love & Happiness :: Al Green

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