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Listen Like Thieves :: INXS
from the album, Listen Like Thieves

A Little History:

Listen Like Thieves is the title song and third single from Australian rock band INXS’s fifth album, Listen Like Thieves.

The song peaked at #46 in the UK Singles Charts, in 1986, and hit #54 on the US Billboard Charts, that same year.

The music video takes on a Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome look and feel, a post-apocalyptic movie that had come out the same year of release as the Listen Like Thieves album.


A Little Reflection:

Off of one of my favorite albums, Listen Like Thieves is the title track and one of those songs

that were never one of my favorites at the time of release, but is now a song I will turn up if it comes on the radio, and sing-a-long. It reminds me immediately of seeing them in concert one Summer, my friends and I up on the grass dancing around, the smell of pot permeating the air, our skin sticky from the heat and the dirt and the dancing. It was one of those moments where I felt on the verge of the freedoms that come with growing-up, I was not quite there yet, just teetering on the edge, but it was out there, in reach, and I was moving towards it, hands in the air, singing loudly into the setting sun.



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