Let’s Make Out with Music :: Alphabet Playlists :: The Letter E


Let’s Make Out with Music :: Alphabet Playlists
Each & Every Little Bit :: The Letter E
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Easy/Lucky/Free :: Bright Eyes
Extraordinary Machine :: Fiona Apple
Every Day I Write the Book :: Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Electrolite :: R.E.M.
Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve) :: Buzzcocks
Everyday I Love You Less & Less :: Kaiser Chiefs
Eaten by the Monster of Love :: Sparks
Every You Every Me :: Placebo
Europa & the Pirate Twins :: Thomas Dolby
Eyes Without a Face :: Billy Idol
E=MC2 :: Big Audio Dynamite
Everyday is Like Sunday :: Morrissey
Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket :: Minnie Driver
Everybody Loves Me But You :: Juliana Hatfield
Evangeline :: Matthew Sweet
Either Way :: Wilco
Emmylou :: First Aid Kit
Eye in the Sky :: The Alan Parsons Project
Everlong (acoustic) :: Foo Fighters
Europe is Our Playground :: The London Suite
Everybody Talks :: Neon Trees
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic :: The Police
Edie (Ciao Baby) :: The Cult
Election Day :: Arcadia
Everybody :: Madonna
The Engine Driver :: The Decemberists
EZ :: Pete Yorn
Elsewhere :: Sarah McLachlan
Every Wonder Why :: Ryan Bingham
Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime :: Beck

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