evjul393456aEvan & Juliana Day
Let’s celebrate it…under the Covers!

It’s that day again, the fourteenth of the month, which means Susan over at At the Library and myself are spinning Evan and Juliana music and waxing poetic about their music even more than we normally do together. This month I wanted to dig into some of the cover songs that both Evan and Juliana have done either on solo albums, as part of different bands they have been in, and even one that they recorded together. Cover songs are one of my weaknesses, and covers done by artists I love are near fatal.

So, bring it on, bring on the fatal charms of Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield covering a few songs for us on this fourteenth of July.

Be sure to check out what Susan has going on for E&J day – click here to hear (& read). I’d love to hear from you readers, as well. Do you have a favorite cover by Evan or Juliana?


Learn to Fly
from Juliana’s self-titled album

Foo Fighters cover

Run and tell all of the angels,
this could take all night.
Think I need a devil to help me get things right.”


Knowing Me, Knowing You
Abba cover
from the Tribute album, ABBA – A Tribute: The 25th Anniversary Celebration

In these old familiar rooms children would play,
now there’s only emptiness,
nothing to say.”

$1,000 Wedding (live)
Gram Parsons cover
from the Tribute album, Return Of The Grievous Angel: A Tribute To Gram Parsons

And why ain’t there a funeral,
if you’re gonna act that way.”


4 thoughts on “If you’re gonna act that way :: Evan & Juliana Day

  1. I’ve probably wished it here too many times but just one Evan & Juliana album would send me to the moon, covers or original work. They have super-musical-powers when they come together.

    Juliana’s “Learn To Fly” <3 Excellent choice Laura, I could listen to this one on repeat for an hour, I just might.

    and the Foo Fighters' "Learn To Fly" music video was directed by Jesse Peretz who was an original member of The Lemonheads. I love it all around.

    I don't think I'll be listening to much else today. Thank you=)

    1. Glad you enjoyed!!!

      I want E&J to release an album together of originals AND an album, or album series, of covers — kinda like what Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs do.

      I can dream, right?


      1. And on the other hand I like what Juliana and Matthew Caws are doing, and hope for a second Minor Alps album & tour. I would’ve thought Juliana & Evan might’ve come up with something by now, maybe later, maybe not. If not I’ll just covet the thought & cherish what they have done together in a creepy Gollum-like manner.

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