Friday Five :: Songs about the mouth

1Songs about the mouth

graffitti-painted-lips1Songs about lips and tongues, of mouths and lipstick and gloss, for an orally fixated girl this theme was right up my alley. For me, my lips are painted red most days, a habit I got into around the age of 16, inspired by old film stars and a friend who once told me the only make-up you really need is red lipstick.


I used to smoke, but I gave that up two years past. My hands are still in my mouth too much though, as my bitten down nails will attest.


I love kissing and bitten lips, and the feeling of other’s skin on my lips, from kissing. I notices people’s mouths and eyes first, how they smile, the expressions painted on both when they change mood and tone, when they lie or tell the truth, when they are vulnerable or when they hide things away. I love to watch people’s lips when they talk, or when they sing.

kissable_lips___black_and_white_by_starstrukk_by_whowhywherewhenwhat-d5tmreuFollowing are my Top 5 songs about the mouth, somewhat randomly chosen as I’m sure I could fill two playlists (at least) with all the songs I could gather:

1. Lips Like Sugar :: Echo & The Bunnymen
from the album, Self-Titled

You’ll flow down her river,
but you’ll never give her,
lips like sugar,
sugar kisses.”

2. Acid Tongue :: Jenny Lewis
from the album, Acid Tongue

So, I found myself a sweetheart with the softest of hands,
we were unlucky in love,
but I’d do it all again.”

3. Kiss Me :: Stephen “Tin Tin” Duffy
from the album, The Call Him Tin Tin

Kiss me with your mouth,
your love is better than wine.”

4. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) :: Garbage
from the album, Absolute Garbage

With your cherry lips and golden curls,
you could make grown men gasp when you go walking past.”

5. Molly’s Lips (live) :: Nirvana
from the album, Incesticide

She said,
she’d take me anywhere,
she’d take me anywhere,
as long as I stayed clean.”

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  1. I quit smoking too, and biting my nails but it’s tricky. Sometimes I catch myself with my finger in my mouth but I’m not actually biting my nail, hard habits to break.

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