Let’s Make Out with Music :: Alphabet Playlists
Come With Me & My Dear Dark Heart :: The Letter D
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Death on the Stairs :: The Libertines
Don’t Stand So Close to Me :: The Police
Don’t You (Forget About Me) :: Simple Minds
Dear Chicago :: Ryan Adams
Diamonds on the Inside :: Ben Harper
Daniel :: Elton John
Don’t Dream Its Over :: Crowded House
Dyslexic Heart :: Paul Westerberg
Dakota :: Stereophonics
Dreams :: Fleetwood Mac
Dancing Barefoot :: Patti Smith
Down By the Water :: PJ Harvey
Disarm :: The Smashing Pumpkins
The Drugs Don’t Work :: The Verve
Doll Parts :: Hole
Drops of Jupiter :: Train
Don’t Stop Me Now :: Queen
Disco 2000 :: Pulp
Debaser :: Pixies
(Don’t Go Back to) Rockville :: R.E.M.
Different Drum :: The Lemonheads
Don’t Change :: INXS
Does He Love You? :: Rilo Kiley
Don’t Save Me :: Haim
Don’t Look Back in Anger :: Oasis
Don’t Leave :: Faithless
Drifting, Falling :: The Ocean Blue
Dreams :: The Cranberries
Don’t Rush Me :: Juliana Hatfield
Dancing in the Dark :: Bruce Springsteen

8 thoughts on “Let’s Make Out with Music :: Alphabet Playlists :: The Letter D

  1. Daniel :: Elton John
    Don’t Dream Its Over :: Crowded House
    Dyslexic Heart :: Paul Westerberg

    These three in a row-spectacular arrangement.

    “Diamonds On The Inside” played twice per shift at my old job & I had no idea it was Ben Harper. I googled it eventually. It use to get stuck in my head alllll the time.

    1. Thank you!

      Diamonds on the Inside gets stuck in my head a lot, too. It was on a mix CD that a friend made once that did not have a track list. I would play it in my car and forget to look it up until the next time it played. I did finally find out who it was.

      1. The other song that always played there was that “steal my kisses” song which I think is Ben Harper, probably not the title. And I’m just remember now it also played “Dyslexic Heart” isn’t that strange? I remember tweeting about it how weird & wonderful that was to hear come on, and zero of my co-workers knew PW.
        Do you find yourself always adding the same few songs to private mixes, like you’d play in the car or something, or do you try to always really mix them up? I usually end up with the same few songs scattered with whatever others I’m into at the moment, I just can’t let go of some tunes!

      2. It is called Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper.

        My personal mixes? Yes, there are always usual song suspects among whatever I’m currently obsessed with. I agree…some songs I can never break up with, or even separate temporarily from.

        What is one of yours?

      3. There’s a bunch(maybe that’s what favorite songs are) like Buffalo Tom “Taillights Fade” and LHs “Hannah and Gabi”.

  2. Another fantastic list that tends to sway towards a woman’s perspective, I’d like to add a couple of dare I say manly D’s based on a guys perspective 😉

    Dead Flowers – Rolling Stones
    Down to the Well – Hard Working Americans
    Devil In Mind – Carrie Rodriguez

    Damn you are good at these playlists.

      1. Hard Working Americans is a all -star jam band being led by Todd Snider a Folkie who lives in East Nashville, so I guess that makes him a Country Folkie.

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