That Noise :: Now Hear This


Sometimes I stumble on the music, and sometimes the music stumbles on me. That Noise is a band from Silver Lake that contacted me, sending me their latest single, You Got It All, which got my attention, enough so that I went looking for more of their music. They remind me a bit of the underground raves I used to go to in the downtown Los Angeles, in the early 90’s. They remind me a little of indie-electro bands like MGMT and Glasvegas. They also bring to mind a blend of 80’s New Wave and new indie pop, like Yaz meets Passion Pit, with maybe a little Finch thrown in.

10173810_10152469694257214_8835120141894616639_nI especially love their remixed cover of Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire, which gives the song a new sound, style and twist.

Sex on Fire (Seed Remix)



Everywhere You Are has that soaring Summertime sound to it, just right to add into a road trip up the coast playlist. Turn it up and close your eyes, picture driving up the coast with the windows all rolled down, the smell of salty sea air wafting in and mixing with the music. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Everywhere You Are


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