That Noise :: Now Hear This

Sometimes I stumble on the music, and sometimes the music stumbles on me. That Noise is a band from Silver Lake that contacted me, sending me their latest single, You Got It All, which got my attention, enough so that I went looking for more of their music. They remind me a bit of the underground raves I used to go to in the downtown Los Angeles, in the early 90’s. They remind me a little of indie-electro bands like MGMT and Glasvegas. They also bring to mind a blend of 80’s New Wave and new indie pop, like Yaz meets … Continue reading That Noise :: Now Hear This

My Top 300 Movies :: 181-185

181. The Way Way Back I love the unexpected joy of discovering a movie you know nothing about ahead of time and having it be one of those movies that you just get, and that just gets you, and it soon becomes one of your all-time favorites. This has so many things I love in it: unconventional family dynamics, a found “family of choice”, a honest coming-of-age tale, a summer vacation plot, great performances, witty dialogue, well-developed/complex characters, and damn good writing. Also, Sam Rockwell – I love Sam Rockwell. “Return to your Ladyfriend” “This is my son, Duncan” “Storm Chaser” … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 181-185

From the inside out and from the outside in :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: “Recline” :: Art by boxspring You (live) :: The Creatures “When my ups are down, when my downs are up, I want you.” He used to hold her upside down off the side of their shared single bed, the palm of his hand splayed on her spine, keeping her steady as he buried his head between her legs. He hummed along to the spinning song on the turntable in the next room. It vibrated on her skin, causing a ripple effect to pulse through her, turning into a mewled slip from her lips, an ode to pleasure, … Continue reading From the inside out and from the outside in :: SOTD