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Songs About Rainbows


As a child, the song Rainbow Connection was one of my favorite “kids” songs (I tended to prefer the songs from my Mom’s record collection, and after awhile, my own rock/pop records). I loved the Muppets and their movies and television series, how could I not? Sesame Street and I were “born” in the same year. At the time, Rainbow Connection was the only song I knew about rainbows, even though the song promised there were so many more. I would find more to love later, odes to rainbows and color schemes, as I grew.

1Songs with colors, they grew and grew as I did, becoming a theme of sorts that I collected, and built mix tapes with. I had favorites, reds and blues and violet songs that I would string together sometimes, or mix in-between black and white melodies. They would make a musical rainbow, bright and bold, much like the rainbow tee shirts I wore in junior high, that connected across my chest and down each arm. If you were alive in the late seventies and early eighties you’ll know the tee shirts I mean.

So, with a rainbow of colors in mind, here are my top five songs about rainbows:

Friday Five 

5. Dear Jessie :: Madonna
from the album, Like a Prayer

Ride the rainbow to the other side,
catch a falling star and then take a ride;
to the river that sings,
and the clover that brings good luck to you,
it’s all true.”

4. She Talks to Rainbows :: Ronnie Spektor
from the album, She Talks to Rainbows

“She talks to birds,
she talks to angels,
she talks to trees,
she talks to bees;
she don’t talk to me.

Talks to the rainbows,
and to the seas.
She talks to trees;
she don’t talk to me.”

3. She’s a Rainbow :: The Rolling Stones
from the album, Their Satanic Majesties Request

She comes in colors everywhere,
she combs her hair,
she’s like a rainbow.
colors in the air,
oh everywhere;
she comes in colors.”

2. Over the Rainbow :: Eva Cassidy
from the album, Songbird

Birds fly over the rainbow,
Why then,
oh why can’t I?”

1. Rainbow Connection :: Weezer, Featuring Hayley Williams
from the album, Muppets: The Green Album

Why are there so many songs about rainbows,
and what’s on the other side?”

4 thoughts on “Friday Five :: Songs about rainbows

  1. I like this theme and your picks. I’ve been into the Rainbow Connection lately, inspired by a trip to a local swamp. Just a sweet, dreamy, innocent song. Somehow Rivers performing that one is a match made in heaven(or on a rainbow).

    1. It is just lovely, isn’t it? Very much made on a rainbow – I like that 🙂

      On your trip to the local swamp did you bring along a banjo? Or see any frogs who could play? 🙂

      It is a dreamy song…one that always reminds me of good childhood memories. There is a sweetness there, a poignancy, there’s actually times it makes me sad – but mostly it makes me smile.

      1. Rainbow Connection is a little sad, I know=( Sesame Street in general bums me out a little for that reason, early childhood, before we knew what the world was really like when simple songs about goodness were meaningful and seemed true.
        No banjo! No muppets but while were there I really like the name Kermit.

      2. Yes, but sometimes it feels good to feel that childhood hope in a song, even if there is sadness, too. Its hard growing up sometimes.

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