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I’ve Done Everything for You :: Rick Springfield
from the album, Working Class Dog
Throwback Thursday

I’m going out on the town tonight,
and get as wild as I can be.
I’m gonna find out what it’s really like,
to be lose, high and free.
I don’t care what that the people say,
I’m taking my mind,
I’m changing to stay.”

Rick_Springfield_-_I've_Done_Everything_For_You_single_coverA Little History:

I’ve Done Everything for You is a 1978 song written and sung by American rock musician Sammy Hagar and covered by Australian singer Rick Springfield whose version became a Top 10 hit in the United States in 1981.


The song appeared on Rick Springfield’s 1981 international breakout album Working Class Dog. It was released (on RCA PB 12166 b/w Red Hot & Blue Love) as the follow up single to the Grammy award-winning and # 1 single, Jessie’s Girl, peaking at # 8 in the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks.


Working Class Dog is an album by Rick Springfield, released by RCA in 1981. The album was certified Platinum and eventually sold over three million US copies.

A Little Memory:

1981 was junior high, roller skating rinks, trips to Licorice Pizza record store, sleepovers at friends, and crushes on a surfer boy, a preacher’s son, and on Rick Springfield. I listened to Working Class Dog non-stop, and had posters of Rick, one on my wall, and one on my closet door. This was my favorite on the album. My friends and I would drop the needle on the record, let it spin, and sing into hairbrushes to each other, putting on bedroom concerts that led to air guitars and jumping on my bed. I’d never had a break-up before, but I’d felt the sting of unrequited love that translated into the sentiments of this song.

Sometimes I sang it to the posters, the adolescent passion soaring through me, making everything seem so heartbreakingly real. It would be years until I actually experienced the kind of story sung in the song, years until I would leave someone because I felt that all I did was give and give, and all they did in return was take and take. But, back in 1981, I felt like I understood it perfectly. I felt like I crushed and loved gave away my heart, and got none of that it back in exchange.

Now, in 2014, this is one of my favorite go-to songs to sing at karaoke, and to blast in the car when I’m driving alone, singing-a-long like I did back when I was in my childhood bedroom. I’ve certainly felt like Rick in my life, in relationships, more than a few times. And, if I’m honest, I’ve been the one on the other side, too, taking and not giving back in the ways I should. Either way, though, my friends were always there to go out on the town, scream and shout, and forget the “done me wrong”, even when I may have “done them wrong”.

The song, I still feel like I understand it perfectly.


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