166. The Big Lebowski

Stories in Los Angeles, unexpected character connections, and the wit and dark comedy of the Coen Brothers are some of the elements of this film that I love. There is something more, too – maybe it is the actors (so many in this that I love), the music connections (see if you can spot Aimee Mann and Flea), the friendships, or maybe it is the “follow your bliss” simplicity of “The Dude” himself. At first blush his slacker nature seems rooted in laziness, but I think under the surface there is more to it – a simplicity that he fights for, and is often unable to sustain, that draws me in.

The start of the story of “The Dude


Dream Scene
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) :: Kenny Rogers & The First Edition


Tumbling Tumbleweeds :: Sons of the Pioneers


The Man In Me :: Bob Dylan


167. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I have lost track of how many times I have seen this film, or of how many times I dressed up like Magenta and did cast for it, or how many times I have sang the songs from the film with my friends and with myself. I fell in love with drama and acting around the same time that I first saw this movie; I felt like I had found my place in the world, my band of misfits and marvelously colorful people — both on the screen, and in the theater with me.

Sweet Transvestite :: Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast


Time Warp :: Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast


Rose Tint My World :: Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast



Science Fiction, Double Feature :: Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast


168. The Wonder Boys

Stories about writers hold a special place in my heart, as do unconventional friendships and tales about groups of friends who become a “family” of sorts. This movie makes me miss when I used to have a group of friends who were all artists and writers and musicians, those conversations and shared passions, I miss that. This movie reminds me of why I write, and inspires me to keep going — and the cast is wonderful.

I couldn’t stop.”


I don’t think he needs sexual confusion to mix up the stew a little more.”


Things Have Changed :: Bob Dylan


Watching the Wheels :: John Lennon


169. High Fidelity

A movie based around music, conversations about music, obsessing about music, life working in a record store, and the interweaving of music and emotion and misery with love, is a pretty damn perfect combination for me. This is nearly everything I love all wrapped up in a film which happens to star one of my all-time favorite actors, John Cusack. I mean seriously, could this be any better?

Top 5 things I miss about Laura


Monday morning tape


Dry the Rain :: Beta Band


You’re Gonna Miss Me :: 13th Floor Elevators


Most of the Time :: Bob Dylan


170. Wicker Park

Film noir meets lost love meets a mystery in a city full of memories for me with a memorable soundtrack — these are all part of what makes this one of my favorite movies. Three favorite, often underrated, actors of mine – Diane Kruger, Josh Hartnett and Rose Byrne – give unforgettable performances. This is a winter movie to me, moody and mysterious and emotional.

The Scientist :: Coldplay
(final scene of Wicker Park)


First date


Love makes you do crazy things.”


Strange & Beautiful :: Aqualung

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