My Top 300 Movies :: 161-165


161. 500 Days of Summer

Each time I watch this film I respond differently, and find myself switching between who I relate with more. The ending, a once “hopeful” misread is now something I see more as a “repeated behavior” blindness, as much as we hope Tom learns from his relationship with Summer, in as much as we hope we learn from past relationships, he meets the next one and it is the same reaction, over again (this is the “ending” that Joseph Gordon Levitt has defined that it is to be taken, as well – not that I don’t subscribe to the fact that art is subjective, as is our perception of it, but I digress). The Expectation/Reality moment in the film is always the one that pulls an emotional punch to me, as does Tom’s sister’s proclamation on soul mates.



You Make My Dreams :: Hall & Oates
with scenes from 500 Days of Summer


Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want :: She & Him


Us :: Regina Spektor
featuring scenes from 500 Days of Summer


162. Juno

My favorite love stories are not typical, and tend to feature strong, but flawed women, a damn good soundtrack, and a story real enough that I can see myself within it; mistakes are okay, they are what make us all who we are, and to me, they are what make most of us all the more beautiful. Juno is one of those love stories, to me. It is about the love of family in all its forms, of friends, of life partners, and invariably of self, and yes, it is the love story of two young people who in the end think the sun shines out of each other’s asses, even on bad days – what more could you ask for?

Anyone Else But You :: Ellen Page & Michael Cera


All I Want Is You :: Barry Louis Polisar
with opening credits of Juno




Loose Lips :: Kimya Dawson


163. White Oleander

Emotionally charged Mother-Daughter relationships are rough on me for a variety of emotionally charged personal Mother-Daughter reasons from my own coming-of-age, despite that though,I am drawn to well-told stories, even if they hurt to take in. This is one that hurts, but I still love, just as I did the book it is based on. The film is one of those rare exceptions where it does the book justice, as well, something I always appreciate.



Safe & Sound :: Sheryl Crow


Shadow Puppet :: Thomas Newman


White Oleander Ending


164. Shallow Grave

Such a psychological mind fuck of a movie this is, and I mean that in the best of ways. Early Danny Boyle as a filmmaker, early Ewan McGregor and Christopher Eccleston as actors, brilliant storytelling and performances, I love this look into the dark side of humanity, especially when greed comes to call. This one definitely is a conversation ignite, too – it is impossible to watch this with another person and not ask the question: “what would you do?”

The new flatmate


Shallow Grave :: Leftfield


My Baby Just Cares for Me :: Nina Simone




165. The Way Way Back

My favorite film of 2013, The Way Way Back is one of those coming-of-age movies that I tend to fall head-over-heels for. The cast in this is incredible, as is the writing – such a unique, yet relatable, story of a family on vacation who has all sorts of complicated dynamics (yet again, relatable) and how one grows in such circumstances as a person, and who they connect with. This is about family, about friendship, about confidence, about growing into oneself, about letting go, and about a damn cool water park (also, Sam Rockwell – *sigh*).

Return to your Ladyfriend...”


For the Time Being :: Edie Brickell & The Gaddabouts


Storm Chaser



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