Stories and Cigarettes Ruined Lives of Lesser Girls :: A Saturday Playlist


Stories and Cigarettes Ruined Lives of Lesser Girls :: A Saturday Playlist
(April – All Playlists = 30 Songs)
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Strange Condition (live on KCRW) :: Pete Yorn
My Drug Buddy :: The Lemonheads
Beside You :: Phildel
Don’t Save Me :: Haim
Crystal Days :: Echo & The Bunnymen
200 More Miles :: Cowboy Junkies
We are Not Alone :: Karla Devito
Over You :: Ingrid Michaelson, featuring A Great Big World
Life in Mono :: Mono
Momentum :: Aimee Mann
Untouchable Face :: Ani DiFranco
Only Lie Worth Telling :: Paul Westerberg
On the Road :: Angus & Julia Stone
Fresh Strawberries :: Franz Ferdinand
When You Were Young :: The Killers
Catch :: The Cure
Summer’s Kiss :: The Afghan Whigs
Luna :: The Smashing Pumpkins
Gimme Sympathy (acoustic) :: Metric
Volcano Girls :: Veruca Salt
I Will Survive :: Cake
Band of Gold :: Freda Payne
You Keep Me Hanging On :: Kim Wilde
I Can Change :: LCD Soundsystems
Sea of Love :: The Honeydrippers
Stay (Faraway, So Close) :: U2
Wrecking Ball :: Creeper Lagoon
When U Were Mine :: Crooked Fingers
Champion Angel :: The Low Anthem
Special :: Garbage

8 thoughts on “Stories and Cigarettes Ruined Lives of Lesser Girls :: A Saturday Playlist

  1. I don’t know if this is weird of me, IT MUST BE GETTING OLD, but I can only help myself so much! Juliana Hatfield was in the band during the It’s A Shame About Ray recordings so she’s not so much featured on “My Drug Buddy” as she was just a band member that did bass & vocals. She’s even in the photo with Evan and Dave for their band shot in the album insert. I’d say she’s “featured” definitely for her Come On Feel The Lemonheads album work since she wasn’t in the band anymore nor played bass but contributed vocals except for the one Belinda Carlisle did.
    I think Nic Dalton was just in the Ray music videos because Juliana had quit before they filmed them. (nit-picking done)

    A friend of mine really likes Angus & Julia Stone and sent me some songs last summer. Sometimes Julia’s voice is too baby-ish and I didn’t explore them much after but there were two songs I really liked that stuck with me, “Big Jet Plane” and “For You”. Which of their songs would you recommend listening to? I’ll try the one you put on this mix.

    1. Um, yeah, for the record I put the featuring, Spotify, nor the album did it. I just put it there because I wanted to, because I love her vocals in the song, and because, well again, I wanted to. Thanks for the background on it though, if this had been a written piece, and not just a playlist, I would have included the history, too.

      I love Big Jet Plane, All the Boys and the one in the playlist most of all…those are the 3 I would recommend.

      1. Oop, yeesh, sorry. I understood you added it that’s why I thought it appeared as if you didn’t know she was in the band like maybe it was special thing she did rather than the whole album. My bad! Just a friendly correction, sorry to upset you.

      2. You didn’t upset me at all…take a ton to upset me actually, I was just explaining. I can change it if it is too glaring for you, like I said, their voices in that particular song just mean a lot to me, which is why I mentioned her.

  2. No don’t change anything on my behalf! I honestly read it and thought you didn’t realize for some reason. I await the day you simply snap because you can’t take my LHs fun facts anymore. I thought you were upset b/c you wrote “um, yeah” and I thought “whoopsy I’m being very irritating!” but I’m seeing you thought that I thought it was b/c it the song was listed that way on spotify and the “um” was like “actually I just did that!”. Make sense? Either way just didn’t wanna P you the F off with my know-it-all shit. Glad you don’t care.

    1. Nah, I don’t care at all. I was just explaining. I actually knew this bit of LH facts. I’ve changed it though.

      Honestly, I have only ever gotten upset once to a commenter and that was when they went off on not liking a female actor I had written about and made some very rapey remarks. That I got upset at.

      I love your LH and JH teachings πŸ™‚

      1. I thought you knew that before, I mean how could you not at this point but then I stupidly mistook it anyway!
        You didn’t have to switch anything-I’m the silly idiot in this scenario not you! I was only worried I’d offended you and clearly I didn’t which is great!

        I’ve only had a couple of “problems” online. Maybe a year ago…a blogger I knew of but don’t know went berserk on me for a comment I left. It was meant to be friendly & helpful-she was really offended. I apologized several times and was sincere but she didn’t accept and went nuts lol. I just ignored her. It’s since been obvious she’s insanely childish and WEIRD and she seems to have “problems” with all sorts of people. She’s a creep.

        Then a couple months or so ago a D list celebrity wrote a post about me online after misreading something I’d copy & pasted. They apologized but they were a huge dick, dishonest and in the end their “fans” were praising them for being such a wonderful human with the guts to apologize for their mistake. Really they were a huge asshole. That pissed me off.

        Rapey comments? That’s pretty revealing about a person…they sound like a complete piece of shit!

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