Change has always been one of my life definers, a sometimes strength, and at other times a weakness, of who I am. Friends used to tease me about the ever-revolving email addresses and online personas, and for good reason, I would often give in to the restless shake and rattle in my insides and because I could not just pack a bag and hit the road, I would make manageable changes. I would change my Livejournal name, I would make up a new email or screen name, I would hit erase rewind redo for all my online selves. I never felt satisfied or settled, yet I would hold an expectation that with every new change, the latest and greatest would be the one that stuck.

Every time I thought I’d got it made,
it seemed the taste was not so sweet.”

Then came Lyriquediscorde, a “screen name” that turned into an email that became a Tumblr name that turned into this blog. It was born out of the doomed relationship that involved languages and long-distance literary character role playing, and it also evolved from the state of being “music drunk“, and the often quoted “lyrics are my language” that I was known to say. Lyrical discord felt like something that was a part of me, but also a part of art in all its forms, not just musical, but all of it – music, movies, visual art, poetry, photography, graffiti, dreams, thoughts, conversations, and so on. And, what do you know, this time it stuck.

That stickiness of the name, I think it also meant that I was finding some things in my life to stick to, as well. Though I still have a gypsy soul, and a restless heart, I also have a sense of home and family and friends, and more than that, a real sense of self, that I think was missing for a long, long time. So now I sit here, not necessarily itching for a change, but ready for one. This time, though, it isn’t about renaming, it is about reshaping and redefining the name. I think it is also about simplifying things so that I can keep up with this space, explore other writing I’m doing, and work on my novel with more attention and intention. I love this space, it means the world to me, but it needs a bit of change.

Over the next few days I will be sorting out these changes, and deciding what features will stay and which will go, and possibly creating some new ones. What I ask of you is that you put in the comments, or email me at, what your favorite blog features/themes are. I’d very much appreciate this.

Thank you for reading!


Changes :: David Bowie

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