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What a Life :: Juliana Hatfield
from the album, Only Everything

What a Life is from Juliana Hatfield’s second solo album, Only Everything, released in 1995.

Upon its release in 1995, Only Everything was notable for its sound which was more aggressive than Hatfield’s previous work. The album drew comparisons to the work of Dinosaur Jr., with Hatfield herself sounding “as if she were possessed by J. Mascis himself.”

Produced by Paul Q. Kolderieand Sean Slade, who had previously produced Hole’s very successful Live Through This, the album is often noted for its use of a heavily distorted guitar tone with catchy pop songs.

Editor’s Note: I always think this song, and the album overall, as Juliana meets Sonic Youth meets Dinosaur Jr., with heaping sprinkles of Riot Grrrl 90’s sensibilities added for good measure. I used to play this song, full blast, while dancing around my apartment, or when driving back and forth that year from Los Angeles to San Francisco, a trek I made frequently, in ’95. 

I play it now and I see Golden Gate Park, and the vintage and vinyl stores I used to haunt on the Haight, and in Berkeley. It reminds me of this blue-haired bartender that I used to have a crush on, he was a bassist in a local band, too, that I never got around to seeing.

I still love the edge and energy this song embodies.


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  1. Song + video ROCK & I love when she rocks. Never fails to wake me up and energize me. She’s so versatile, and her more mellow music is important to me but I want to hear like this again someday. But if not, I’m happy we have this album. It’s my favorite JH & I got a new copy just a month or so ago.

    1. I agree…I love when she rocks out like this, too. I think it brings out a different side of her and it gets me going, too.

      This may be my favorite, too…though I adore the Juliana Hatfield Three album, too…so hard to choose!

      1. She has sooooo much to choose from but for now I go with Only Everything and Hey Babe. I like JHT too and lately I’ve been listening to Some Girls a lot. I was so little when her first couple albums came out that I associate them with my oldest brother & going through his music and me trying to be cool. Only Everything is something I heard on my own, in my own walkman, no sibling’s tape, purely me. Reminds me of becoming a teenager as lame as that sounds.

      2. That isn’t lame at all. The music we come to on our own, especially during adolescence – nothing compares to that.

        The music we inherited, or came to from other people, we still love, but we have a different relationship to it. I think you can redefine your relationship to music like that, but it takes time, you know what I mean?

        I love the JHT so much because it came from a very vivid time in my life. I listen and I can see myself lying on the floor of the apartment I lived in, hitting replay over and over again, reading about her in SPIN and hearing Spin the Bottle in Reality Bites…

      3. So many memories revolve around listening to music and reading magazines!! I was too young to drive and those magazines were my gateway to this world I loved & wanted to know everything about. Now we can get loads of information online and sometimes it’s that gross/intrusive type of information we’re not meant to have. Magazines were so important to me back then. Love all the memories you bring up for me, endless inspiration too. I feel like all my comments are love letters to your blog but I can’t help it.

      4. Makes me want to do a post about magazines because YES I so agree. I consumed magazines, lived within their pages, escaped in them as much as I escaped into books and MTV and movies.

        I still love magazines, though I do not lose myself in them as much I guess because the internet is here…but I still have 2 subscriptions and I love when they arrive.

        What were some of your favorite mags? Do you read any still?

        I love your comments…I love thinking of them as love letters to my blog…:) I think they are more love letters to things we love, you know? (if that makes sense)

  2. Me too! I started writing one, but then I started writing one on that same topic in February inspired by purchasing a Sassy off ebay and never finished. I get in moods and I feel like I can’t get into something. I dunno!
    I look forward to you maybe doing one, good stuff…I’d enjoy that.

    I do still love magazines. My favorite is Marie Claire. I get around 10 subscriptions. I don’t think I’ll ever stop reading magazines as long as they’re around. I had a conversation last night with my friend Amy about YM. That was our favorite when we were pre-teens and into teenage-hood. We reminisced about two particular issues we still fondly remember. Weird what we hold onto from that time.

  3. Can I just join in and say…I love magazines too! I still live them but as a teenager, they were definitely more important. I had subscriptions to Rolling Stone, Hit Parade, Metal Edge, Seventeen and YM. My mom was always big on magazines, so I got the teen ones because she got me subscriptions and said if I liked them I could keep them. I was never a “girly girl” but I did enjoy them! I always pulled out pictures of my favorite celebs and taped them to the wall, along with anything I found funny interesting or strange. Then I got into cutting them up for collage and still like that.

    Also ITA about music you find on your own. It becomes totally entwined in who are you. At least for the musically obsessed 🙂

    1. Thank you for joining in! I am thinking up something to write about magazine love to post soon.

      I was never a “girly girl” either, yet I devoured magazines, even the ones more suited for “girly girls”. My walls were covered in pin-ups and cut-out magazine pictures – I stuck them everywhere. I made collages, too, and covered a garage sale coffee table once with a collage of magazine pictures, laquering it with decoupage.

      And, yes, us music obsessives have a constantly growing “me” soundtrack, don’t we?

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