My Top 300 Movies :: 156-160


156. Ruby Sparks

I was attracted at first to this film because it is about a writer and an unexpected/unconventional “love” story, but honestly, there is so much more to this film than just a writer’s love story. This film contains one of the most soul-crushing, painful scenes I have ever watched, but it also contains some of the most inspiring moments, and thoughtful interactions that had me contemplating free will, desire, control, real love, individuality, and what makes a person a person. Unique storytelling at its finest, this is one that hits me differently with every re-watch, and inspires my own storytelling.


Ca Plane Pour Moi :: Plastic Bertrand




157. The Fifth Element

A Science Fiction/Fantasy/Unconventional Love Story/Stranger in a Strange Land with a strong female lead, that pretty much summarizes The Fifth Element, as well as laundry lists the reasons I love it. This film is all about LeeLoo for me, and seeing through her eyes humanity, whether future-ized, or not, and how we take in art, science, danger, comfort, love, hope, and danger. Milla Jovovich is brilliant in this.


Little Light of Love :: Eric Serra



where the boys are

158. Where the Boys Are

This one is a comfort movie that I directly associated with a happy memory with my Mother from my adolescence, one of those lazy weekend afternoons where my Mother and I watched a movie together, indulging in each other’s company and a shared moment of understanding. On recent viewings (I wrote a long review of this film a few months back) I was taken aback by the overt sexism, slut shaming to an extreme, and the realization that my favorite character was trapped in a “my life has no worth without a man” syndrome. It was the very, very early 60’s, and I do get that, and I acknowledge the places they were making strides from the 50’s, especially in regards to women and sex, still, there are parts that are hard to stomach – I still have that soft spot, though, and I always will.


Where the Boys Are :: Connie Francis




159. It Happened One Night

Frank Capra, oh my stars, I love Frank Capra movies. I also love road trip stories, and this one is one of my all-time favorites. Clark and Claudette are brilliant in this, witty, wonderful, romantic; another film I love with snappy dialogue, a strong female lead and a “Scoundrel” of a leading man.

It Happened One Night - Still #2


Poster - It Happened One Night_03


160. 10 Things I Hate About You

Julia Stiles is one of my favorite actors from the 90’s, and her role as Kat in the re-telling of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, is my favorite role of hers. She is tough, loyal, sarcastic, smart, flawed, and fabulous. The rest of the cast is brilliant, too, a swoon-worthy Heath Ledger, a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Larisa Oleynik, and an unforgettable portrayal of the over-protective single Father, played by Larry Miller – Julia’s Kat is my favorite though.

Kat’s poem


Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You :: Heath Ledger



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