My Top 300 Movies :: 156-160

156. Ruby Sparks I was attracted at first to this film because it is about a writer and an unexpected/unconventional “love” story, but honestly, there is so much more to this film than just a writer’s love story. This film contains one of the most soul-crushing, painful scenes I have ever watched, but it also contains some of the most inspiring moments, and thoughtful interactions that had me contemplating free will, desire, control, real love, individuality, and what makes a person a person. Unique storytelling at its finest, this is one that hits me differently with every re-watch, and inspires … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 156-160

I never met a more impossible girl

  Keep Art Alive :: Art by Adam Caldwell “You’re just a sucker for the ones who use you, and it doesn’t matter what I say or do, the stupid bastard’s gonna have his way with you.” She wrote letters in blood red ink, the color of my lips, she would say, the color of the sudden streaks in her hair, I would think. When she would lean in, words spoken in a half-growl and half-whisper, my eyes would shut and I would see the world go from red, to grey, to black and white, to a dizzy fade to nothing. … Continue reading I never met a more impossible girl