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Summer of Drugs :: Soul Asylum
from the album, Sweet Relief: A Benefit For Victoria Williams

Summer of Drugs was the hit single from the benefit album Sweet Relief released in 1993. The album featured a variety of alternative rock bands covering songs written by Victoria Williams. The project was inspired by Williams being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and led to the creation of the Sweet Relief Fund, a charity that aids professional musicians (of any stature) in need of health care.

This compilation/tribute album is filled with some of the most talented musicians of the nineties, such as Soul Asylum, Pearl Jam, Evan Dando, Matthew Sweet, Maria McKee, The Jayhawks, and Buffalo Tom. It also included musical hero and icon, Lou Reed.

A sequel album, Sweet Relief II: Gravity of the Situation, was released in 1996.

Editor’s Notes: Tribute albums are always full of a mix of hits and misses, though they still have always been a favorite of mine to add to my musical collection. This one, though, was honestly a collection of hits, and looking back and re-listening the album, I am amazed at how comprehensively “nineties” this is. This song was always one of my favorites (my number one always Crazy Mary), and it was what made me pause and think “hey, there is more to Soul Asylum than Runaway Train, I need to hear more” (and I did).


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  1. This is one of my most favorite, most listened to albums! ITA about it being comprehensively 90s. I know Soul Asylum, Evan Dando and Pearl Jam still put these songs in their sets, at least sometimes.

    Also Soul Asylum’s cover of “When I Ran Off And Left Her” on the second Sweet Relief is amazing.

    1. lyriquediscorde – Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles writer, mother, lover of music, books, film, tv, travel, cooking, jukeboxes, lists, themes, game nights, potlucks, coffee, letters, postcards, and conversation. Ever-evolving, learning, and changing. Every day is another opportunity to do better. 
      lyriquediscorde says:

      I didn’t meant to suggest that the music/songs were only 90s, and do not have long shelf lives, as they do – I still listen to the compilation often, and I’ve heard Pearl Jam perform Crazy Mary in their live shows.

      It is such an amazing album. I need to hunt down the second Sweet Relief, though…I’ve never heard it.

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂 I want to hear the Soul Asylum song now…

  2. Oh I didn’t think you were suggesting any such thing! I just think it’s really cool those musicians still play the songs out of huge catalogs of songs they could play, in this far off future.

    Here’s my favorite video of Soul Asylum’s song from Sweet Relief 2, even though it turns into a slide show of Vic Chestnut half way through (song is uninterrupted though! This was during the credits of a TV appearance). It’s a great performance of the song:

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