My Weekly Top 10 :: Week of 3/31


1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier



Steve/Captain America

Up until now, the Thor movies have been my favorite of the Marvel franchise, but Captain America: The Winter Soldier may just have changed that. There were so many moments I loved in this one, so many characters that I not only felt myself attaching to, but rooting for them, too. I loved seeing so much of Natasha in this film, her strength and heroics and humanity, the friendship between she and Steve (THANK YOU for having these two have a FRIENDSHIP, and not a predictable love story), Sam/The Falcon and his true soldier/true loyalty portrayal, and break my heart in tiny pieces, Bucky Barnes (the friendship between he and Steve, the LOVE there, hurt to look at). This was the first in all the Marvel franchise that had me saying “NO! I want MORE now!!!” when the credits started to roll.



1382634795_captain_america_the_winter_soldier-oo2 Natasha/Black Widow


Bucky/The Winter Soldier

2. Los Angeles


For the past year I have been contemplating an escape, with my family in tow and a wave out the window as we left. All along though my heart was heavy with doubt, and month after month there were clues and signs that kept revealing themselves to me, as if the universe was tugging on my hair attempting to get my attention. I’m not one to believe in fate, but I did finally pay attention – to myself, and I have decided to stay in the city of broken angels.

Let Me Back In :: Rilo Kiley

3. Love in the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block


The story of the Odyssey retold in post-epic disaster Los Angeles, a story filled with magic, love, loss, sensuality and sexuality, heroics and humanity, art and literature, and the persistence of family – whether birth or chosen in nature. Francesca always hooks me in, mesmerizing me with otherworldly fantasy that I cannot help but relate to because it is always tethered to a reality I know so very well. So many landmarks of the city I live in, and references to a story I’ve loved, all tied together by flawed, fantastic characters that I already love – I’m dreading when the book is over, BUT I am over the moon that there is a sequel on its way (and that I get to be in another of Francesca’s workshops at the end of this month).

4. From Dusk ‘Til Dawn: The Series


I did not know what to expect from a series borne out of a movie, but I trust Robert Rodriguez’ storytelling and film-making, so I gave it a shot. It is fantastic, taking off before the film starts and slowing the plot down to unravel the details and the characters, layer by layer, pacing each episode like its own stand alone movie, yet still holding me, half-breathless, waiting for the next episode. This is yet another reason I say the best television is on cable lately.

5. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


This is my second go-around with the book, but with the film coming out soon (October, I think) and my carpool co-rider wanting to read it, we decided to audio book it. The story still throws one hell of a punch about halfway through, and I still found myself incredibly intrigued, even though I knew where the twists were, and where all the bodies were buried. This time around I accepted the ending more, and, well, uncomfortably related to Amy more than I want to admit.

Gone Girl with Gillian Flynn

6. The Book of Mormon


My oldest daughter took me to The Book of Mormon, at The Pantages (one of my favorite LA venues) for my birthday. It was so much better than I expected, with more heart and spirituality than expected, as well. I knew there would be irreverence (and there is tons of it), and hilarity (again, tons of it), but I didn’t expect to feel so much from it, too – it is rather brilliant.

7. Relativity


Once upon a time I fell in love with a short-lived television series that led me to an online community of fans that ended up leading me to another online community of a different short-lived television series fans that would be rather life changing, but before that, there was this other show, Relativity, that I loved quite a lot. I know very few people who remember it, but a recent blog post I wrote regarding shows that were too short-lived – here – led to a friend and fellow blogger hunting down the entire series. I cannot wait to start watching it again tonight.

8. The Women of The Walking Dead


Tara and Maggie

Don’t get me wrong, I love quite a few of the Men of The Walking Dead, too, especially Daryl, Shane, Rick, Glen, Carl, Hershel, and The Governor – BUT – there is something so incredible, kick-ass and amazing about the Women of the series. They kind of take my breath away, all of them, and I love that their characters exist on my television screen. My favorites, yes, I have them, but honestly, all the Women of the show have a place in my heart, and are fucking awesome.


Beth and Michonne




Michonne and Andrea

9. Bette Davis Eyes (live) by Brandon Flowers

Not the greatest recording, but oh my stars how I love it. The Killers live are one of my all-time favorite shows I have ever seen, and I hope they come around again soon – and that they sing this one. I’m a sucker for covers, and this one, well its a cover I enjoy singing, too.

I like this recording of it better…oh Brandon (*sigh*).

10. Killian Jones, Once Upon a Time

Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook on Once Upon A Time S02E04 Crocodile 7

Killian Jones

The misunderstood villain that looks a little like Adam Ant, with staggering blue eyes that brood in that way that makes me tremble a little, the broken back-story and the Scoundrel persona (‘ala Han Solo and Sawyer) that just does me in, well, how could I not be smitten? The show (Once Upon a Time) has had its ups and downs, and sometimes I’ve loved it, and other times not so much, but lately it is back in my good graces and Killian has certainly helped that. Regina, too – I adore her, as well – I do so have a soft spot for the misunderstood villains!


Regina Mills

2 thoughts on “My Weekly Top 10 :: Week of 3/31

  1. Captain America was well done and really tight meaning I wasn’t thinking “I liked this but wrap it up” near the end. I appreciate that both Captain movies, although humorous at times, are darker and more serious than the other Marvel movies from that universe. Plus, even with the heavy makeup, Chris Evans aint bad to look at. Can’t get enough Black Widow. Did you see her arrow necklace? Thor is still my favorite series but this is right up there.

    The women of The Walking Dead are so fleshed out, layered and strong. I’m glad you included it and bummed the season is over.

    Brandon Flowers, such a phenomenal entertainer. When The Killers were brand spanking new I remember thinking there was no way “that guy” sounds that way live. Then I saw them on some talk shows and was blown away. His voice has only gotten stronger over time and he’s one of the few performers that really sound in live recordings as they do on their albums. He’s so cute and his accent is so out of a movie.

    Relativity. Relativity.

    It’s nice that you’ve sort of fallen back in love with your city. Where do you think you would’ve gone if you’d moved on?

    1. I LOVE Thor…especially Loki 🙂

      I did notice Natasha’s arrow necklace, presumably from Hawkeye. Currently, in the comics she is involved with Bucky.

      I miss The Walking Dead already…so much…especially on Sundays. The
      women are so well written, complex, unique.

      You are seeing The Killers live soon, right?

      We almost moved to Las Vegas, but I decided I didn’t want to leave, plus I’m considering going back to school…here…and applying for an internship for TV writing, also here in LA.

      Feels better to have made a decision.

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