151. The Philadelphia Story

The plot is complicated in ways that do not always make sense to me, especially when it comes to Tracy’s (Katherine Hepburn) life choices, but I still love the details and witty writing that get us through the story. Without a doubt, my favorite moment is between an inebriated Macaulay (James Stewart) and C.K. Dexter Haven (Cary Grant) when Macaulay comes to confront C.K. The razor sharp, blink and you might miss it dialogue throughout is brilliant, and the big reason I return to this movie so often (even though, I still root for Tracy leaving them all and going on by herself).



C.K. and Macaulay

TPS (5)

Oh, C.K. Dexter Haven!!!”


PS poster


152. Robin Hood

Before Han Solo, Vincent Price, Olivia Newton-John and Rick Springfield ever got my young girl “crush” heart-a-flutter, there was Disney’s Robin Hood. Yes, I had a cartoon character crush, and what a character he was – a hero to the poor and in need, a romantic lead who swept the Marion off her feet (not an easy thing to do, as she is ass-kicking and heroic, too), and his voice…it could have been the voice alone, really). This is my all-time favorite Disney animated movie – the songs, the story, and (sigh) Robin.

Are we good guys, or bad guys?”

Fortune Tellers


Lady Cluck and Maid Marion

Love Goes On





153. French Kiss

This is my favorite Meg Ryan Romantic Comedy, by far, and is definitely in my top 5 list of favorite Romantic Comedies. I adore both Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline in this – the chemistry, the humor, the clumsiness, the ridiculous plot, the inevitable happy ending that I still think about sometimes – when he grabs hold of her and kisses her in the vineyard – I do really love this movie. Luc Besson and Timothy Hutton deliver some great supporting roles, too.



La Mer :: Kevin Kline

final sceneTHAT scene (his hands grasping her dress does me in)



154. Sixteen Candles

Me and Molly, forever I will always be a fan of her characters, especially her John Hughes/80’s era. I think we all relate to Sam in some way, even if in memory, even if our family never forgot our birthday, even if a geek never took our undies – we still get her and have felt like her. I had a note taken by a boy I was crushing on – a note that mentioned him, I did the awkward “I have nothing to say” and just act stupid when a hot guy spoke to me, and I had way too many rides on both school, and public buses, to cringe over. I did always wish to have a Dad like she did (even in his forgetfulness) and a boy to come rescue me from a family function who would kiss me on top of a table over a cake and give my undies back..wait, no, that just all sounds weird when you write it all down – anyways, at sixteen, I did want a Sam and Jake kind of kiss with an 80’s song playing in the background – that I did want.



Fresh breaths a priority in my life…

600full-sixteen-candles-screenshotLook at baby John Cusack!


This kind of moment…with or without the table, cake and undies (the song can stay though – I’ve always loved the song)



155. Moulin Rouge!

What is there for me not to love in this movie? As a grown up musical theater student, a music and pop culture obsessive, a lover of flawed characters and love stories that I believe in, and all the crazy, Baz-fantastic, eye candy colors and scenery and costumes and visuals – I have so much love for this movie. It makes me cry messy, sobbing tears, but I love it so.



Elephant Love Medley


One Day I’ll Fly Away


Come What May


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  1. robin hood is my favorite disney movie<3
    happily surprised to see it here!
    how do you compile your list? do you have a gigantic master list you work off? Awesome series on this blog!

    1. I have a master list I compiled that I randomly pick 5 from. If I had to actually post in order choosing who followed who as favorite, in order, might kill me 🙂

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