Keep Art Alive :: “Eve” :: Art by Jolene Lai

“And she says ‘I’ve come to set a twisted thing straight’
And she says ‘I’ve come to lighten this dark heart’
And she takes my wrist, I feel her imprint of fear
And I say ‘I’ve never thought of finding you here'”

Hours passed into the echoes of laughter
as the night grew close the bottles emptied out
and she knew that the tick-tock of time would soon be nigh
he would find her here

Eve of the hours
(by me)

Sometimes she tries on disguises
bright reds to wake his glazed over eyes
the color of blood covering her pale reminders
like the x’s on her calendar when he steers his ship clear

The newly felt curves of her body keep emerging
despite each slice into the softest spots
she damages the canvas he worships at
wondering how many cuts it will take to summon the sun

She climbs into the shelf space where the past hides
her legs dangling father than the last recall
the voices out there are quieting as her skin separates
the stars whisper “it won’t be long now”

If she were a princess in a tower with an apple of no more
would he still come for her
if she hits the road to ruin at the crossroad line of blue
will he still find her there

Solitude Standing :: Suzanne Vega

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