Tears Run Rings :: Marc Almond
from the album, The Stars We Are

Tears Run Rings is a single released off of the solo album, The Stars We Are, from Marc Almond.

The Stars We Are is the fourth studio album by the British singer/songwriter Marc Almond. It was released in 1988 and reached # 41 on the UK Albums Chart,  # 144 on the US Billboard Album Chart and was certified Silver by the BPI.

Almond with his assembled band La Magia made up of Willing Sinners members Annie Hogan, Billy McGee and Steve Humphreys and accompanied by studio musicians recorded the songs for album at London’s Matrix Studios. Receiving positive reviews the album was originally released as an LP in September 1988.

The artwork was designed by Huw Feather with a cover photograph by Andy Catlin.


Editor’s Note: A new week, a new theme, “tears”.

All the rumors spread like wildfire between our friends, sometimes in hushed tones, and at other times screamed out in “what the hell are you doing” accusations. I could chalk it up to carelessness, to choosing him as a safe place to land, or that I was simply lost in some denial fueled haze, but none of that was the real truth. 

I stayed, I ignored the gossip, I ignored my instincts that went from a whisper to a scream daily, because I loved him. I knew it would end in tears, it did end in tears, but at the time I didn’t care.

I don’t know why he stayed as long as he did. Maybe as a cover for his own truths he was not ready to shed light on, maybe that really was all it was. I’d like to believe there was something more though, at least in feeling if not in desires. 


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