It’s that day again, the day I get the gift of sharing two of my favorite artists with one of my favorite bloggers (and music obsessives), Susan over at At the Library. This is our day, our once a month unofficial Evan and Juliana Day. You should go check out her super keen jellybean take on the day by clicking right here.

I thought I’d start this month’s “celebration” with a kinda silly, and more than kinda sweet, live cover of Juliana doing her best impression of The Lemonheads.

It’s a Shame About Ray (live) :: Juliana Hatfield

If I make it through today, 
I’ll know tomorrow not to put my feelings out on display .”

I love the off-notes, the improvisational scat she does in the middle, and the delicate moments where she sounds like a little girl for a moment, and a grown woman the next. Her familiarity and affection for the music is impossible to miss, and leaves me with that warm, soft inside feeling that I often get when I think of their friendship.

There is an intimacy in knowing someone else’s art so well, well enough to make it your own, trying it on, changing it up a little, but still doing it justice. It is candy cane sweet and my heart feels all kid at Disneyland gooey listening to it; a little bit sad, too, as it makes me miss my the boy I once created art with, writing stories with, back and forth, and the ways we knew each other’s creations, and senses of style, like we know our own breathing patterns.

It’s a Shame About Ray (live) :: The Lemonheads (featuring banter, sarcasm and one hell of a hoodie)

I’ve never been too good with names,
but I remember faces.”


Next up is a years later returned favor of Evan covering Juliana’s song, My Darling. This one is more personal, almost too personal, at times making me feel as if I am spying into an open window, one that I should not be peeping into, but one I cannot look away from.

My Darling (live) :: Evan Dando

Sweet on the outside,
but bitter on the inside.
I’m giving up.”

Thing is, I don’t want to look away. It is so delicate and melancholic and beautiful and lonely, and I only wish it was longer. I could listen to him play guitar all night long. Again, I am reminded of a long-lost friend of mine, and how he used to play his guitar over the phone to me, how sometimes his fingers would make the strings squeak, and how each time that happened my heart skipped a beat, threatening to leap through the receiver and give away how I really felt about him.

I love that Evan says “fucking with my head” in the lyrics, changing them from “messing with my head.”

My Darling (live) :: Juliana Hatfield (featuring a fan proclaiming the love we feel for Juliana, too)

But I swear to God,
I really tried;
I was happy as a child.”


8 thoughts on “I’ve never been too good with names :: Evan & Juliana Day

  1. “My Darling” is, according to Evan Dando, about Evan Dando so it’s really perfect and def that “should I look?”-open window. Love all your song & video choices. Love you mixing in your own memories! Just gorgeous.
    That Letterman performance is my favorite live version of Ray. But Juliana’s is pretty freaking awesome & her hair & lipstick aint too shabby either!

    1. I didn’t know that it was about him/or according to him “about him”; makes me love the personal (“should I look?”) video version even more.

      I love that Letterman performance, too…he looks pretty damn adorable in that ridiculous hoodie, and, yes, Juliana looks darling (and sooooo young) in that video version of “Ray”.

      Thanks for the compliments and for sharing the 14th with me! They need to do an album together called 14 🙂

      1. yeah! there’s a video on youtube from a show where he says “this song is about ME” or something like that and covers it. I only saw it last year…i’ll try to find it!

      2. Haha I’m looking now and got sucked into watching this

        I think it’s someplace in/around here…a Sydney show. I’ll let you know if I retrieve it.

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