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Left of the Dial :: The Replacements
from the album, Tim

Left of the Dial is from the album Tim. Tim is an album released in October 1985 on Sire Records by the US alternative rock band The Replacements. It was their first major label release and also the last album made by the original line-up of the band: guitarist Bob Stinson was kicked out of the band towards the end of 1986.

Like its predecessors, Tim achieved moderate mainstream commercial success despite critical acclaim.

The album peaked at # 183 on theBillboard Music Chart’s Top 200. It was placed 136th on Rolling Stone’s 2003 list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, and ranked 4th in theAlternative Press list of the Top 99 albums of 1985-1995.

The song, Left of the Dial, tells the story of life on the road, of the loneliness it creates, and the missing of anything familiar that sometimes sneaks in and takes over.

Paul Westerberg caught part of a friend’s band on the radio, but the song faded out, as did the quick glimpse memory of his friend.


Editor’s Note: Another radio song, one that unlocks a slideshow of memories.

Though I have never been on tour I have been far from home, or at least far from what feels like home and who feels like home. In that isolating far away remembered time I can recall hearing something that reminded me of someone once dear. someone once important to me.

That instant recall, it feels warm at first, making me feel welcomed, less sad, embraced. But, the song ends and I am left there, lingering at the end of the dial, or at the end of a song, eyes wide and watering, wishing for it to be real, wishing for it to last a little longer.

So, I press rewind, and listen again, letting my memories get the best of me.


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