I won’t put my hands up and surrender :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Fallen” :: Art by Aaron Nagel

I know I left too much mess and destruction,
to come back again,
and I caused nothing but trouble, 
I understand if you cant talk to me again.
And, if you live by the rules of “it’s over”,
then I’m sure that that makes sense.”

They had questioned Rae for hours, pointless, nowhere questions piled one on top of the other, going up and down and spinning round, but not a one of them helping to bring Laney back. They wouldn’t tell Rae anything either. Nothing, not even how long she had been missing, or if there had been any clues, any suspicions.

Besides her, that is, but why was she a suspect? How did they even know that she’d been with Laney last night?

Rae kicked the pile of silvery stones that lined the walk leading out to the parking lot. It was nearly night now, the sun hanging low in the sky, sinking into the sand. Rae thought of their questions again, about Laney’s attendance at school, about her boyfriend, and friends, and drugs. They asked if she’d been on drugs when she was at Rae’s house, but how did they know she had been there anyway?

Laney hadn’t been high, well, not that Rae could figure. Maybe she was though, maybe that’s the only reason Laney came around to her at all. Rae still didn’t understand that either. Laney was cut from magazine pages and comic book heroines, all angles and edges, soulful blue eyes, endless blonde hair, and lips that were ever stained pink, always puffy and bee-stung, forever looking just kissed.

Laney had told Rae that this was the last time, that she was no good for Rae, that she was as good for her as a bag of rocks, or a box of lies. She told Rae she had to go, though she did not move a muscle, just lay there amongst the strewn clothes and discarded books, eyes at half mast and arms raised in a sort of surrender.

Laney said she had to go every time she was in Rae’s room. Laney said goodbye more than she said hello, hell, goodbye was Laney’s hello. Her goodbyes usually ended in entwined limbs and bitten bottom lips, finger tips tracing confessions on cool skin, and screamed whispers of release. Rae could still smell Laney on her own skin.

But, did she mean it this time? Was this time really the last time?

Where the fuck was she?

White Flag :: Dido

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