Just don’t ask me how I am :: VOTD

Luka :: Suzanne Vega from the album, Solitude Standing Luka was the first single released off the 1987 album, Solitude Standing, from singer-songwriter, Suzanne Vega. This song is about child abuse. It tells the story of a frightened boy who is forbidden to talk about what he’s going on in his life in the apartment upstairs. On a 1987 Swedish television special, Vega said: “A few years ago, I used to see this group of children playing in from of my building, and there was one of them, whose name was Luka, who seemed a little bit distinctive from the other … Continue reading Just don’t ask me how I am :: VOTD

I suddenly remember each time we’ve met :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: “Eve” :: Art by Jolene Lai “And she says ‘I’ve come to set a twisted thing straight’ And she says ‘I’ve come to lighten this dark heart’ And she takes my wrist, I feel her imprint of fear And I say ‘I’ve never thought of finding you here’” Hours passed into the echoes of laughter as the night grew close the bottles emptied out and she knew that the tick-tock of time would soon be nigh he would find her here Eve of the hours (by me) Sometimes she tries on disguises bright reds to wake … Continue reading I suddenly remember each time we’ve met :: SOTD

It was only a kiss :: Under the Covers

Mr. Brightside (live) :: Frank Turner I read somewhere recently that Mr. Brightside was one of those songs that you will turn on someday, way off in the future someday, and it will be one of those songs that you always turn up, always sing-a-long to, and always think “what a great song”. Does that give it a one-way-ticket to “classic rock”-ville? You know, those songs that fill karaoke rosters, and are a go-to for road trips and dive bar jukeboxes? Has the song reached that kind of level yet? The level that often strips the song of its emotion … Continue reading It was only a kiss :: Under the Covers

My Top 300 Movies :: 146-150

146. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang If I had my way there would be a Los Angeles based noir style detective series spun from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, with Val Kimer, Robert Downey, Jr. and Michelle Monaghan reprising their roles, and yes, they would be the three detectives. I would watch Gay Perry, Harry and Harmony solve murder mysteries and search out missing persons while trading witty banter and tossing sarcasm around to each other, every day, all day – it would be so fantastic. This is one of those movies I can watch every day, all day, and never grow tired … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 146-150

Let’s all join the masquerade :: A Saturday Playlist

Let’s all join the masquerade :: A Saturday Playlist (March – All Playlists = 31 Songs) Listen here on Spotify Still Life :: The Horrors Madness :: Muse Sing :: Travis Love Interruption :: Jack White Aurora :: Veruca Salt Wanderlust :: Frank Turner Brilliant Disguise :: Bruce Springsteen Part of the Process :: Morcheeba Roam :: The B-52’s Ready to Start :: Arcade Fire I Predict a Riot :: Kaiser Chiefs No Wow :: The Kills You’ve Got Time :: Regina Spektor Masquerade :: Berlin Doing the Unstuck :: The Cure Gold Dust Woman :: Fleetwood Mac Glory & … Continue reading Let’s all join the masquerade :: A Saturday Playlist

Some things only she knows :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Derek Gores “I don’t believe I went too far, I said I was willing. She said she knew what my books did not; I thought she knew what’s up.” “How did you know Laney?” Rae had been asked it so many times in the last five days that she was starting to wonder how she knew her, too, or if she knew her at all. Maybe Laney was a figment of her imagination, a collage mix and match of comic book characters, fictional heroines, leading music ladies like Joan and Stevie and Hayley and … Continue reading Some things only she knows :: SOTD

Now it’s your turn to cry :: VOTD

Cry Me a River :: Justin Timberlake from the album, Justified Cry Me a River is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake for his debut studio album, Justified (2002). It was written by Timberlake and Scott Storch with producer Timbaland, and has been said to have been inspired by Timberlake’s former relationship with pop singer Britney Spears. In an interview for MTV News, Timberlake said, “I’m not going to specifically say if any song is about anybody. I will say writing a couple of songs on the record helped me deal with a couple of things. To me songs are songs. They can stem from things that completely happened … Continue reading Now it’s your turn to cry :: VOTD

Cos all of the stars are fading away :: VOTD

Stop Crying Your Heart Out :: Oasis from the album, Heathen Chemistry Stop Crying Your Heart Out is off of Oasis’ 5th studio album, Heathen Chemistry (2002). The song was written by Noel Gallagher and was produced by Oasis. Noel and his brother Liam Gallagher are the lead vocalists on the track. The power ballad was heavily compared to the band’s previous single Slide Away, while its hook is reminiscent of their song Don’t Look Back in Anger. It garnered mixed reviews from music critics. While some praised Noel’s ability to lighten the mood of his target audience, others felt that the song was disappointing and forgettable. Stop Crying Your Heart … Continue reading Cos all of the stars are fading away :: VOTD

This is my four-leaf clover :: VOTD

Head Over Heels :: Tears For Fears from the album, Songs from the Big Chair Head Over Heels was Tears For Fears’ 10th single release in the United Kingdom taken from their 2nd LP, Songs from the Big Chair, and their 8th Top 40 hit, peaking at # 12 in July of 1985. In the United States, it was the 3rd single from the album, and continued the band’s run of hits there, peaking at # 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. A limited edition four-leaf clover shaped picture disc was issued for the single’s release in the UK. … Continue reading This is my four-leaf clover :: VOTD

Only you can cool my desire :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: “Wormwood” :: Art by Sylvia Ji “Some times it’s like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull,  and cut a six-inch valley through the middle of my soul.” Razor’s Edge of Night (by me) How many nights have I relived those nights, the lights, the darks, the corner half-hallway just off the dance floor, you with Jim Morrison’s gait and an affected accent from nowhere  in particular, you with sugar lips and a tongue laced with cherry sours and red hots, you who ripped me open, tore me to shreds, with just one glance, and devoured … Continue reading Only you can cool my desire :: SOTD