My Weekly Top 10 :: The Week of 2/24


My Top 10 :: Week of 2/24/14

1. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell


I have fallen in love with this book. Seriously, I am so emotionally connected with these characters that I feel my chest tighten up, painfully so at times, when certain things happen, feel my eyes well up in tears at other times, and my heart feels near to bursting at times, too. I worry about the ending, about the characters, about moments and words and things with Eleanor’s family, and I worry about the book being over too soon.

2. Men At Work


While putting together the Video of the Day feature this week, with the Australian artists theme, I have reunited with my favorite band from Junior High. Sure, I enjoyed their music afterwards, and still love so many of the songs and Colin Hay’s voice, so much, but Men At Work were, without a doubt, my favorite band in Junior High. I’m glad that I have their first album still on vinyl, now I just need to hunt down a vinyl of Cargo.

Be Good Johnny :: Men At Work

3. True Detective


My current television obsession of the “watch every episode multiple times” variety. The acting is amazing, Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey and Michelle Monaghan – all favorites of mine – are just, well as I said, amazing in this. There is so much mystery, so many clues and literary references and speculations to be made, and as much as some of it drives me crazy, it also delights me to feel so enthralled and curious.

4. The Way, Way Back

banner-the-way-way-back-banner-the-way-way-back-banner_1If I had a say of what was nominated and/or won at the Oscars, this would be my choice for best film of 2013. This movie is such a delight – heartwarming coming-of-age that doesn’t sugar coat anything, a tremendous cast, characters that I wish I could visit, and a story that I wish I had written. Sam Rockwell and Maya Rudolph are my favorites, but close second is newcomer Liam James, who just stole my heart.

5. Vroman’s Bookstore

fiction shelvesIt has been opened since 1894, and is Southern California’s oldest, independent bookstore – and it is still open. I remember going here with my Grandmother when I was a young girl. I love so much about it, the size of the store, the feel of it, the lighting and music and staff (and all the staff recommendations), the fantastic children’s section, and the unique little trinkets they have among the books, too.

6. Gwynnie Bee


Kind of a dream come true to me this is, even though I never dreamed I would enjoy it as much as I am. A “Netflix” or “Gamefly” of fashion for size 10 and above, where you pay a monthly fee (I’m in free trial mode right now) and you fill up your “closet” with fashion choices, which they mail out to you in 2-day priority shipping, three items at a time (you wear them, you return them, they pay for the return shipping and they wash them for you). I feel fashion adventurous and a little self-indulgent, and I’m honestly enjoying the hell out of getting dressed up – plus, I love getting non-bill “snail” mail.

7. Nashville


It is drama filled and soapy at times, but sometimes I think I need a dose of that kind of distraction and escapism. It is a show full of music, full of talented singers, and a few characters that I just love the hell out of. I watched it first because of my soft spot, and desire to visit the real Nashville, and got sucked in and stayed for the story, the characters, and the music.

Believing :: Charles Eston (Deacon) and Lennon Stella (Maddie)

8. 16 Days (live) :: Ryan Adams

All week, every single morning, on my morning commute, I have put this song on and sang-a-long. It is the album version, from Whiskeytown, but this is a stunning version, as well. The song is folding itself into one of the characters of the book I am writing.

9. Paper Towns by John Green


Though it surprises me to say it, I do believe this is my favorite of all the John Green books I’ve read (yes, even counting The Fault In Our Stars). The characters, the fact that this is truly about friendship, and about the way we perceive, and mistake people, just moved me. Oh, and it centers around not one, but two, road trips.

10. Thirteen :: Evan Dando

I may very much love every version of this song I have ever heard, and I have heard a lot of covers of it, the majority of them from artists I love. I stumbled on this today, and yes, I love it. The lyrics just get to me, and the way that the song feels like first love.

2 Replies to “My Weekly Top 10 :: The Week of 2/24”

  1. I’ve been hearing praise for True Detective but I can’t watch until it’s on DVD!

    “Thirteen”…I know right?! I’ve been listening to the live version constantly since I got another copy of Live at the Brattle Theatre(which I’m sending you so you can constantly listen too!). It makes me WEAK in the freaking knees.

    That clothing subscription service is cool.

    Eleanor and Park-I see the cover everywhere I don’t know anything about the book. I’ll wishlist it and keep it in mind.

    Your Top 10 is wonderful. I love being introduced to so much stuff!


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