Leave your love lying in the road :: A Saturday Playlist



Leave your love lying in the road :: A Saturday Playlist
(February – All Playlists = 28 Songs)
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Still Fighting It :: Ben Folds
16 Days :: Whiskeytown
I Do :: Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
Creep :: Macy Gray
Lego House :: Ed Sheeran
Stars :: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
The Funeral :: Band Of Horses
In My Veins :: Andrew Belle
Live & Die :: The Avett Brothers
Angie :: The Rolling Stones
Half Harvest :: Michael Penn
Part of the Process :: Morcheeba
Nothing Lasts :: Matthew Sweet
She’s Got You :: Patsy Cline
Queen of California :: John Mayer
Everything I’ve Got in My Pocket :: Minnie Driver
It Must Be Love :: Madness
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea :: Neutral Milk Hotel
Worn Me Down :: Rachael Yamagata
Writing to Reach You :: Travis
I Want Somebody Badly :: Shudder To Think & Jeff Buckley
Into Your Arms :: The Lemonheads
The Weary Kind :: Ryan Bingham
Is This Love :: Bob Marley & The Wailers
Be Mine :: Alabama Shakes
A Better Son/Daughter :: Rilo Kiley
Take the Long Way Home :: Supertramp
World Spins Madly On :: The Weepies

6 thoughts on “Leave your love lying in the road :: A Saturday Playlist

  1. Another excellent playlist from one of my favorite bloggers. However that record lying in the road has me freaked out. Everyone knows that a record should be properly dressed before going outside.

    1. The image made me uncomfortable, as well, which was why I used it. The “theme” of the mix was meant to be that space in-between vulnerability and letting go of things that are important, like love. Maybe I’m reaching though, but that is where I was going with it.

      I could not bear to have any of my records lying in the road though.

      1. Hopefully you know by now that I have this bad sense of humor that often gets me into trouble. Your ability to take dissimilar artists and blend theme by theme is fantastic. I look forward to your playlist every week.

      2. I was winking in my response, but as I have not had a cup of coffee yet, it may have come across humorless…I got that you were joking πŸ™‚

        Thank you – I enjoy making them. It is a weekly compulsion πŸ™‚

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