Whiskey Spins and Ash Can Contradictions :: A Saturday Playlist


Whiskey Spins and Ash Can Contradictions :: A Saturday Playlist
(February – All Playlists = 28 Songs)
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Jump Around :: House Of Pain
Stutter :: Elastica
Make a Circuit With Me :: Polecats
Movin; on Up :: Primal Scream
Jeepster :: T-Rex
Sticks ‘n’ Stones :: Jamie T.
Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time :: Jarvis Cocker
Bodyrock :: Moby
Chelsea Dagger :: The Fratellis
Kiss Off :: Violent Femmes
Deeper Underground :: Jamiroquai
Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go? :: Soft Cell
Feel Good Inc. :: Gorillaz
Bigmouth :: Underworld
Where’s My Mind? :: Pixies
Delilah :: Tom Jones & Les Reed
Touch, Feel & Lose :: Ryan Adams
I’m Finding it Hard to be a Gentleman :: The White Stripes
I Wanna Be Your Dog :: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Oh My God :: Kaiser Chiefs
Do I Wanna Know? :: Arctic Monkeys
The Only One I Know :: The Charlatans
Only :: Nine Inch Nails
Under Pressure :: Queen & David Bowie
Let’s Dance to Joy Division :: The Wombats
Sexx Laws :: Beck
Parklife :: Blur
Hell is Around the Corner :: Tricky

2 thoughts on “Whiskey Spins and Ash Can Contradictions :: A Saturday Playlist

  1. Elastica, T. Rex, Ryan Adams & The White Stripes in the same set list, Damn girl that is some might fine music for a 21 year old to be listening to 🙂

  2. lyriquediscorde – Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles writer, mother, lover of music, books, film, tv, travel, cooking, jukeboxes, lists, themes, game nights, potlucks, coffee, letters, postcards, and conversation. Ever-evolving, learning, and changing. Every day is another opportunity to do better. 
    lyriquediscorde says:

    I try to keep up-to-date with what those 40-somethings are digging. *wink*. Though, to be honest, this “playlist” was made with my oldest daughter in mind (she’s 22), for her to play LOUDLY whilst working a closing shift. She loves much of this music/these artist.


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