My friend and fellow-blogger, over “At the Library“, has rather fantastic taste in music, movies, books and nature. We got to know one another when we uncovered our shared love of Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield. I do not remember what spawned the idea exactly, but we decided that the 14th of every month should be unofficial Evan and Juliana day, a “day” we would “celebrate” by writing about them, and sharing some of their music.

We meant to start this in January, but life happens and actually, it’s rather keen to have it start on Valentine’s Day, and to have a less marketed and merchadised reason to embrace the day. So, join us, here and go visit here, too, and enjoy Evan-and-Juliana day.

My Drug Buddy :: Evan Dando & Juliana Hatfield

I’m too much with myself, 
I wanna be someone else.”

I bought a copy of the Rare On Air 1: KCRW Live Performances CD at Tower Records, not my store, but the one at “The Lab Anti Mall”. Looking back, I bought it for the Tori Amos and Michael Penn tracks, but it was this song that I fell hard for. This was my first introduction to Evan and his Lemonheads, though I’d already fallen for Juliana, and her Become What You Are album which I’d nearly worn out the year before. This version of the song (you can hear it in the video above), with Evan asking “should we start now“, with Juliana  saying “yes” in the background will always be my favorite version of the song.

There’s still some of the same stuff we got yesterday.”

I played this song over and over, slipping it into mixed tapes, and feeling the story within the song. I had a past with my own drug buddies, and I could easily recall the mid-morning walk to a pay phone to see if there was more of something we were losing ourselves in, together. There were times sitting in parks at the break of dawn, or lying on our backs in each other’s bedrooms, music washing over us, that connected us in ways that were both intense, and intimate. Often these friendships were fleeting, as most bonds over addiction are, but they were no less meaningful to my life at the time.

evan-and-juliana-mm3Creating stories with a co-writer sometimes had that same intensity. At times it felt like love, that link shared between inspiration and introspection, as we shared words and sentences, plots and personalities. Writing rips the surface off of a person, and in the act of stripping ourselves down to the bone, with another person, well that is as heady and delirious as any shared high, or orgasm.

Is that the kind of connection that Evan and Juliana have shared when they have made music together? There is more than melody in their creation, listen close and you can hear it, the delicate strings of intimacy and friendship, inspiration and passion that ties them together.

My Drug Buddy (live) :: Evan and Juliana, in 2011, at Iota

Years later (17 actually), you can still hear that bond, that connection, and that magic between them. You also get some epic facial hair on Evan.


4 thoughts on “I want to be someone else :: Evan & Juliana Day

  1. I could eat this post up as my Valentine’s Day candy because it’s so tasty & fabulous. I love that you integrate your personal stories & experiences into your posts. I’m so into Evan Dando’s facial hair that I could have a separate blog dedicated to it and Juliana is so SO so…there’s no word for it, she just rules.
    “Drug Buddy” has to be one of my favorite sleepy-dreamy-afternoon songs.
    Thank you for the kind words!
    I’m going to check out the cd you linked.

    1. Awwww thanks, you are too kind. Thank you for the epic Evan CD’s and the co-inspiration to have our 14th day of the month Evan & Juliana days.

      My Drug Buddy was my “gateway drug” to Evan’s music, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. It is very much a sleepy-dreamy-afternoon song, isn’t it? That’s a perfect description!

      His epic facial hair is epic, and dreamy, too.

  2. Well done you two lovely ladies, a great idea for a blog series and I will be looking forward to reading more.

    Easily one of the best moments at any gig I have ever been to was hearing Evan sing the words “as the cars fly up King street…” in a pub on the very same King Street he sang about. Pure magic, and it got a huge cheer from the crowd.

    Great post, and Juliana is just beautiful.

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