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Remember how it used to be,
when the sun would fill up the sky,
remember how we used to feel,
those days would never end.”

All at once the story shifts, and the scenes go between the happiest of moments, and the lowest of disappointments. There is someone having what seems like a dream realized, while another someone is let down by the one person they trusted, causing what may be fatal consequences. The lighting shifts between the glow of a bright, sunny day, to the harsh, unforgiving hospital florescent lights.

All at once I did not know whether to celebrate, or despair, though both moments, both sides of the story, brought tears to my eyes.

This gorgeously, moody, emotionally-charged song from The Cure was one I had passed by before. But this series of moments held me close, and the music both soothed and struck me, all at once. And this song, now it lives inside of me in that never-ending soundtrack of songs that move me, and songs that I love. I welcome it, and I am grateful that My Mad Fat Diary got me to take notice.

On a side note, if you have not seen this amazing series, which is just about to have its Second Season, check-it out. It is a heartfelt tale of adolescence that is honest and straight-forward, funny at times, heartbreaking at others, and told from a very real set of voices. I could not recommend it more, even if you are not a “young adult” story fan.

To Wish Impossible Things :: The Cure

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