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Tomorrowland :: Ryan Bingham
Quintessential Albums

A Little History:

Tomorrowland is the fourth studio album by Americana singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham, released on September 18, 2012. The album was recorded in Malibu, California with producer Justin Stanley and was self-released through Bingham’s new independent record label Axster Bingham Records.

The album’s release on Bingham’s own label comes following his departure from Lost Highway Records for his first three albums. His deal with Lost Highway started as an artist development contract that came to an end with Junky Star and Bingham decided to use social-networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote his newly recorded materials, like Tomorrowland directly to fans online and at his live shows.

In an interview with American Songwriter, Bingham also revealed the label he formed with his wife Anna Axster is designed to allow them to focus more on the creative side of music, rather than the “corporate record world.”

Speaking with Artist Direct, Bingham said all of the songs on Tomorrowland, “come from a similar place—traveling around.”

Bingham went on to explain:

“There are so many places you go and people you meet. When you get home, you can reflect on all of these places you went to, what the world is going through, and how it makes you feel. Poverty and corruption are endless things that repeat themselves in history.”

He explained further, regarding the last song on the album, Too Deep To Fill: 

I didn’t have a plan for the record. I had a bunch of ideas. Once we got in there and started recording stuff, some of the songs started creating themselves. After we were done recording, we played the tracks next to each other and saw how they flowed and fit together. It seemed like ‘Too Deep to Fill’ fit at the end.”


Keep Art Alive :: photograph by Anna Axster

What Makes This “Quintessential” In Three Sentences:

Tomorrowland, as an album overall, is a different layer of one of my favorite “music” terms, “music drunk”. It is the kind of punch drunk love affair that I can only ever have with music, the “lose yourself within an album and do not resurface until it ends” kind of relationship that I am ever drawn to. This album makes me miss vinyl albums, side 1’s and side 2’s, and the notion of actually listening to an album in its entirety, and not a song here and there shuffling to the queue through endless playlists.


Keep Art Alive :: photograph by Anna Axster

My Top 5 Favorite Songs:

1. Never Far Behind

How many times can I forgive you?
If you are always on my mind.
I’ve tried so hard to outrun you,
you are never far behind.”

2. Heart of Rhythm

Oh come on honey let us turn it on,
let’s get it right from the start.
Our love will never be bought or sold,
we got a heart full of rhythm and rock n roll.”

3. Too Deep To Fill

Oh baby,…oh sweet baby baby,
you kiss these poor lips of mine,
please tell me that you love me,
and your heart is forever mine.
I gotta hold it down inside me,
and I feel it’s too deep to fill.
I’ve drowned my poor heart in misery
For so long, it’s too far gone to heal

4. Never Ending Show

You are all I have to hold on to,
you are all I want to know,
no more turning inside out and blue,
in the never ending show

5. Guess Who’s Knockin’?

It’s me motherfucker,
I’m knocking on the door!”


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