My Top 300 Movies :: 136-140


136. Playing By Heart

Ensemble storytelling at its finest, underrated and almost anthology-like in its pace and characterization, catching you at tiny moments by surprise as the connections between everyone are revealed. A raw and real look at so many relationships, from new lovers, married couples, siblings, parent and child, and everyone’s relationship with love. Joan is on my list of all-time favorite female characters who I relate to from the core of me, in all the ways that she is: impulsive, loving intensely, how she is rash and emotional, sometimes selfish, fiercely loyal to those she loves, and quite often dramatic.


Joan and Keenan


Keenan and Joan



Drinking in LA :: Bran Van 3000

Angelene :: PJ Harvey

Porcelain :: Moby


137. Good Will Hunting

Emotionally charged, vulnerable, character driven, and exquisitely written and acted, every re-watch of this film has me honing in on different moments, and feeling different levels of emotion. The relationship, the slow build to trust, that Will has with Sean as his therapist is very real, and completely moving, especially when the walls finally crack. I always leave this movie wanting to know more and longing to see what happens next, not just with Will and Sean, and Skylar, but with Chuckie and Morgan, too – a sign of a good story, when I am left wanting more.

CM Capture 3

This is not your fault.”


“The best part of my day”


“Say you don’t love me.”


Baker Street :: Gerry Rafferty

Say Yes :: Elliott Smith

Miss Misery :: Elliott Smith


138. Mermaids

Unconventional families and unconventional women, other favorite elements in stories and films. This is yet another Winona Ryder role that I love, along with great performances by Christina Ricci, Bob Hoskins, Michael Schoeffling (post-Jake Ryan/Sixteen Candles) and of course, Cher. Shades of my own childhood pepper throughout this film, especially in regards to Kate’s relationship to her Mother, although I never clung to religion as rebellion; this is a real keeper of a film, to me.




If you wanna be happy” ending scene


Love is Strange :: Mickey and Sylvia

Mambo Italiano :: Rosemary Clooney

Sugar Shack :: Jimmy Gilmer & the Fireballs


139. Some Kind of Wonderful

This movie is all about Watts to me. I love her character, her complexity, her strength, her vulnerability, her flaws, and her style. I do wish, though, that there was more to her motivation beyond Keith (or at least a sequel of what she did next – maybe her stint in an all-girl punk band).


Radiating Sexual Vibes


Practice kisses


You look good wearing my future.”



140. Desert Blue

A stunning, wonderful story that takes you into life in a small, desert town and introduces you to the colorful people who live there, each one perfectly flushed out and unforgettable. This is one of my favorite movies that no one ever seems to have seen. The mood of the film, and the dynamics between some of the characters, is one of my inspirations to the novel I’m writing.




What the Hell Are You Crying For? :: Nina Persson & Nathan Larson

Metal Heart :: Cat Power

Lonely Lola Cherry Cola Girl :: Bic Runga

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  1. I actually prefer Some Kind of Wonderful to Pretty in Pink. I know that sounds insane. Did you read “You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried”?
    I’ll have to add Desert Blue to the netflix when I get it back. I remember it and I saw it once but that’s all.

    1. Desert Blue seems like one of those movies that both you and I would like…let me know what you think when you watch/re-watch it.

      What is “You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried?”?

      1. It’s really cool! It covers Eric Stoltz firing from Back to the Future & his problems w/Howard Deutch during Some Kind of Wonderful, stories about Molly & Anthony hanging out with John Hughes, umm…I can’t remember this second but lots of stuff like that!

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