Quintessential Albums :: Tomorrowland :: Ryan Bingham

Tomorrowland :: Ryan Bingham Quintessential Albums A Little History: Tomorrowland is the fourth studio album by Americana singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham, released on September 18, 2012. The album was recorded in Malibu, California with producer Justin Stanley and was self-released through Bingham's new independent record label Axster Bingham Records. The album's release on Bingham's own label comes following his departure from Lost Highway Records for his first three albums. … Continue reading Quintessential Albums :: Tomorrowland :: Ryan Bingham

My Top 300 Movies :: 136-140

136. Playing By Heart Ensemble storytelling at its finest, underrated and almost anthology-like in its pace and characterization, catching you at tiny moments by surprise as the connections between everyone are revealed. A raw and real look at so many relationships, from new lovers, married couples, siblings, parent and child, and everyone's relationship with love. Joan … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 136-140

Now they are dreams :: VOTD

Doot-Doot :: Freur from the album, Doot-Doot Doot-Doot is the title track from the 1983 album of the same name, from Freur. Freur was a band featuring Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, who went on to form the successful electronic act Underworld. It was their second band, following their art school collaboration, The Screen Gemz. The band was formed … Continue reading Now they are dreams :: VOTD

I guess I like it fine, so far :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Liang Xing "She has wisdom, and knows what to do.  She has me, and she has you." She was the quietest one in the room, delicate, one might say fragile, but there was a fire that burned in her eyes that made it quite clear that she was strong. There … Continue reading I guess I like it fine, so far :: SOTD