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Holy :: Frightened Rabbit

Holy was the first single released from Frightened Rabbit’s fourth album,  Pedestrian Verse.

Frightened Rabbit are from Selkirk, Scotland. They formed in 2003, with the linup of Scott Hutchison (vocals, guitar), Grant Hutchison (drums), Billy Kennedy (guitar, bass), Andy Monaghan (guitar, keyboards) and Gordon Skene (guitar, keyboards). Since 2004, the band has based themselves in Glasgow.

Initially a solo project for vocalist and guitarist Scott Hutchison, Frightened Rabbit’s first studio album, Sing the Greys, was recorded as a duo by Hutchison and his brother Grant, and released on independent label, Hits the Fan, in 2006. The band subsequently signed to Fat Cat Records, in 3007, and became a three-piece with the addition of guitarist Billy Kennedy for its second studio album, The Midnight Organ Fight, in 2008. The album was released to critical acclaim and the band toured extensively to support it, with guitarist and keyboardist Andy Monaghan joining the band to flesh-out the live performances.

The band’s third studio album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, was released in 2010, with former Make Model guitarist Gordon Skene joining the band for its accompanying performances. Frightened Rabbit signed to Atlantic Records later that year, and issued two EPs: A Frightened Rabbit EP, in 2011, and State Hospital, in 2012, before the release of its fourth studio album, Pedestrian Verse, in 2013.

Pedestrian Verse marked the first time for the band that it is not Scott Hutchison alone with the task of songwriting, with Hutchison saying that “it’s done nothing but benefit the new songs.” 

The video to Holy (see above) follows a business woman who breaks down during a meeting and leaves to walk through the Scottish countryside, carry-on in tow.

Editor’s Note: So much in this video, and in the song, hit me in a very personal, and relevant, way. The notion of spirituality and holiness, always something tangled up to me, the grown-up survivor of a parochial school upbringing, and all the hypocritical darkness that still lingers in the shadows of self (and self-loathing). Then add to the mix the businesswoman who feels trapped in the soulless day-to-day, struggling with being good at something that is so far from the artist I dream of being – that tug-of-war internal, much like my agnostic push and pull of believing in anything “holy”. I feel like the woman in this video, longing to throw it all to the wind, and find myself somewhere else.


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