And everything was made for you and me :: SOTD


Get into the car,
we’ll be the passenger,
we’ll ride through the city tonight.”

Just Drive (She Said)
(by me)

It was freezing
the air outside turning my skin to cracking glass
but as I slid in next to you I felt my insides burn
Your hand lay still on my knee
one finger tapping slightly
rhythm caught up in some unheard song
and I began to sing-a-long

The taxi cab was out of some old movie scene
and I was playing someone else’s role
someone else’s girl
but neither of us cared about such things as last names
we were the stuff of poets and dreamers
lovers taking cover from the icy reality of tomorrow
my voice whisper pleading

Are we there yet?

The driver cocked an eyebrow
trying to see by not trying to see
as your hand slid under the hem of my dress
shattering the glass completely
my breath caught in the back in my throat
sticky thick like the spaces longing to be reached
the city outside she leaned back to sigh

There was no going back now

The Passenger :: Alison Mosshart & The Forest Rangers

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