You only know what I want you to :: SOTD


I wish you’d hold me when I turn my back,
the less I give the more I get back.
Oh your hands can heal,
your hands can bruise,
I don’t have a choice,
but I’d still choose you.”

Miles and markers, detours and deserts and chain-linked fences, and all that water, they all choose to separate, to deviate, to dissect us into pieces and parcels of nothing at all. We stood on a platform once, waiting on late in the night arrivals, wishing into the freezing over winds whipping my scarf up, up, and around you, linking us, locking us, together. You placed your hand on the back of my neck, your hand unexpectedly warm, considering the once again lack of gloves. I trembled, shaking as I stood, though it could have been mistaken as a shiver. You were the cause, though. You were always causing my bones to ache and my body to quiver.

You were bad for me, I was worse for you, or so the look-back-logic says. We had rings and things and impossible dreams that belonged to other arms, yet there we were, on that rickety platform, under the protection of only the still falling snow. You smiled at me, eyes crinkling in a way I would come to love, and later loathe, and said all the poetry and pretty little things that those in love say, without words, with just that eye crinkle and hand on the back of my neck. The cold hit hard, as did my wavering will power, and I swore right then and there that I would follow you into Hell if you asked me to.

Oh, but these things never make it, no, these things never last. Neither of us was brave enough, no, we let the resistance overtake us, the ties bind and boast of our capture, the both of us becoming shadowy selves locked up, up and away in some fairy tale tower. You were the fallen prince with the spell blinding your eyes, your touch, your desires. I was the once beautiful queen, offering up poisons and promises of disappointment, decay, and desolate wondering of what could be. We swear we never loved each other, that it was just a moment that fell onto the tracks, two lost souls who did not “mind the gap” to a fatal, forgotten consequence. I don’t love you. I don’t remember you. I don’t anything you, anymore.

I don’t love you,
but I always will.”

Poison & Wine :: The Civil Wars

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  1. Its sad to me that its over, their musical pairing which got better album-over-album (I agree with your post, it should have been on the best album lists). Their music together has the ability to rip me to shreds, and tape me back up again.

    Maybe they will reunite someday.

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